What you must know about teach English online


You should consider whether you want to teach English online for an online school, tutoring service, or run your own website and company.

You will need to go through an application process to teach at a web-based school. This is the same as for any other type of school. To be accepted, you may need to have TEFL certification or relevant teaching experience. Some institutions will accept people who are aspiring and have no teaching experience. However, you should remember that teaching Sunday school or swimming at your church counts as teaching experience. Be sure to include them on your application.

It is also possible to create a profile and join one of the many online teaching sites. This is a very simple process, but you must also be aware that hundreds of other profiles may use yours. Some of these sites have more teachers than students. You may be able to gain valuable experience in how to present English online.

Profits are the best reason to run your own website. You can choose the students and also the time you want to teach. You will certainly earn more, but you’ll also need to work harder to market your services and also find trainees.

What you should be doing

It is important to have a framework. Make lesson plans and stick to them. You and your student can both benefit from having some guidelines to guide you. There will be students who just want to speak (and also have you sit and listen), but this might not be the need of most of your pupils. You will have to balance what the student wants with exactly what you as the teacher recognize that the pupil needs to improve their language abilities. Experience and training in teaching English will help you to achieve that balance.

Consider what you know best and how well it fits with your teaching style. You may be a master at discussion, vocabulary or speech. Are you good with creating, pronunciation, grammar, or even writing? You can concentrate on a variety of niches in ESL. Identify and market your preferred niche. Not sure what you’re good at? Start teaching online and you’ll quickly discover where you feel most comfortable.

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Promote your services

Many online English teachers fail to realize that they need to market themselves when looking into how to teach English online.

You can start by adhering to

Post ads on websites with many English students. Look at online tutor databases. Open an account, and create a compelling account to attract students. You can also leave your trademark in ESL forums.

Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your website or services.

Begin teaching English online

You can start teaching English online with a little investment and watch your business grow. The best part of online teaching is that it’s so easy. Start-up costs are very low, possibly lower than any other type of service. Teach English online could be the best option for you if you are looking to start your own business and want flexibility.

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