Districts of Delhi: Know More About This


In India, Delhi is the state capital and is the center for judicial, administrative, and other activities. 

In Delhi, there are nine districts that make up the National Capital Territory. A deputy magistrate heads each of these nine districts, which are further divided into three subdivisions. 

New Delhi, North West Delhi, and West Delhi are listed as the nine districts in Delhi. Central Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, North East Delhi, South West Delhi, South East Delhi, and North West Delhi are also listed.

In Delhi, there are five district divisions

Since January 1997, these nine districts have existed. It used to be that Delhi was divided into just one district, Tis-Hazari, with its headquarters in the middle of the city. Formerly, it was divided into just one district, Tis-Hazari, with its headquarters in the middle of the city. There was only one district in Delhi, Tis-Hazari, with its headquarters in the middle of the city. Formerly, it was divided into just one district, Tis-Hazari, with its headquarters in the middle of the city. Districts along with their headquarters and sub divisions:

Delhi Central District

Located at 14, Darya Ganj in New Delhi, 110002

You can reach DC Central by email at dccentral@nic.in

No. of contact: 23282903

The district of North Delhi

The address is Alipur, Delhi – 1110036

Please send an email to dcnorth@nic.in

The contact number is 27203048.

The district of South Delhi

New Delhi-110068, M.B. Road, Saket

Contact email: dcsouth@nic.inContact email: dcsouth@nic.in

The contact number is 29535025The contact number is 29535025

East Delhi District

Shastri Nagar, L.M. Bund

The email address is dceast@nic.in

22421656 is the contact number

Delhi’s North East District

A DC office complex is located in Nand Nagri, opposite the Gagan Cinema in Delhi 93.

Please send an email to dcne@nic.in

22122732 is the contact number

A district in the south west of Delhi

Kapashera, New Delhi-37, Old Terminal Tax Building

The email address is dcsw@nic.in

You can reach us at 25065633

India’s capital city

The headquarters is located in Connaught Place

It is divided into three subdivisions: Parliament Street, Chanakya Puri, and Connaught Place

Delhi North-West District

New Delhi, 111001, 12/1, Jam Nagar House, Shahjahan RoadNew Delhi, 111001, 12/1, Jam Nagar House, Shahjahan Road

To reach me, please send an email to dcnd@nic.in

23386982 is the contact number

District of West Delhi

The plot is located in the Raja Garden area near West Gate Mall, at Shivaji Place, New Delhi, 110007

Please send an email to dcwest@nic.in

Delhi’s District Organization

There is a deputy commissioner for each district, as well as a district magistrate, sub divisional magistrate, tehsildar, and registrar under the commissioner. In addition to performing administrative and judicial duties, the district administration also performs various other functions.

It can be said that the District Administration is the de facto enforcement agency for all government policies. Government functionaries are subject to its supervision.

Functions of the Delhi District Administration

Delhi District Administration performs the following functions under different branches:

  • In accordance with Delhi’s revenue law, the Additional District Magistrates and Deputy Commissioners act as collectors and assistant collectors, respectively. It is the responsibility of the Sub Divisional Magistrates to manage the regular revenue functions of the Assistant Collector posts.
  • As part of its duties, the district administration oversees various certification and registration activities, such as registering property documents, registering shares and issuing certificates. Among its duties, the district administration oversees certificates, shares, and certificates of ownership, as well as other activities related to certification and registration.
  • As part of the Delhi District Administration, the Commissioners and Magistrates work as election officers and other election roles during elections. Additional district magistrates are responsible for returning elections in assembly constituencies and the deputy commissioners are responsible for conducting parliamentary elections. Elections are supervised by the respective district officers, with sub divisional magistrates acting as electoral registration officers. For the overall supervision of elections, the district administration is primarily responsible.
  • Commissioners and magistrates have responsibility for maintaining and controlling criminal procedure and preventive section rules. Also, they supervise cases of deaths of women within seven years of marriage that are not considered natural. They can also give instructions on how to register the case to the police in these cases. Furthermore, they are actively involved in conducting enquiries into various cases involving major accidents and deaths in police stations when exercising their executive magistrate powers.
  • Registrars are commissioners and magistrates under the Special Marriage Act and Hindu Marriage Act. They are responsible for directing and supervising marriage registrations.
  • Natural calamities and man made disasters fall under the sole responsibility of the department of relief and rehabilitation. Additionally, they conduct public awareness programmes and train the people in disaster management. They also train people in disaster management and conduct public awareness programs.

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