We-Astro’s Astrological Tips to Design a Water Sign’s House



Your dream home isn’t just brick and mortar. It is a symbol of your taste and preferences in life. It symbolizes what you stand for in life. It also says a lot about your character, your mind, and the way you perceive life. That is why it is necessary to equip your home with the best advice and suggestions that our ancient science – Vaastu and Astrology – offers.

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What is Vaastu Shastra?

In traditional Hindu architecture, the science of architecture is called Vastu Shastra. Vastu is all about space, time, and architecture. Since immemorial, Vaastu has guided Indians to stay happy and lead peaceful life. It is a mechanism to channel all the energy that surrounds you positively. Placing the rooms of your house according to the essential instructions prescribed in the Vaastu Shastra plays a crucial role. The direction of placement of coins and other parts of the house can change depending on the sun sign.

Water Signs

The water element zodiac signs are some of the most creative. You are highly intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, compassionate, and deeply loving. The water element is soothing and often attracts people to the healing arts. They can also be moody sometimes, so it’s essential to incorporate calming and relaxing design elements.

Astrological Tips to design each Water Sign


Deeply connected to home and family life, Cancer is a zodiac sign for which warmth and consistent affirmations of affection are indispensable. Natural crabs: often see their homes as their refuge and withdraw from the cruel world. A Cancer’s immaculate home is a tool of tender isolation from the outside world, a typical image of security and control rooted in the past. Lobsters prefer the day to sunlight and need well-ventilated and adequately lit homes. Denim, sea green, blue, and emerald are the right shades for the Cancer house. Collectables, family heirlooms, and old family photos can all find their place in this home. Being quite frugal in both inclinations and words, Cancers may not spend much time organizing or tidying up their things. Still, their homes will often be beautiful, lively, inviting, and comfortable. The kitchen, which would undoubtedly be a significant concern, could be a meeting point for the closest people and a meeting point in their home. An open kitchen layout, where Crabs can think, live, communicate and play with children, becomes an integral part of the home. Old patio furniture, water details, and vast amounts of plants and flowers will make a Cancer happy.


 Dark colors, magic, and mystery are often associated with this sign. This also applies to interior decoration. They value their privacy very much; not all Scorpios are friendly people. They prefer dark tones for their walls and furniture. To brighten your home, you can add jewel-colored accents throughout the house instead of the darker design elements. Marsala and Bordeaux are excellent colors for Scorpios. Also, look for purples, violets, graphite grays, and dusty dark blues. Decorating styles for Scorpios can be inspired by styles from the Middle East, Africa, or India. They shouldn’t be so ethnic – just a touch of those styles mixed with a modern and luxurious design. Scorpios need to have a place where they can rest in comfortable solitude. It can be a small armchair in the garden or a spacious room in the house with a nice window but isolated enough that no one can see Scorpion there. Why do Scorpios like hidden corners so much? – Because they are attracted by all that is mysterious, and the rooms reserved for them give them an excellent opportunity to explore their inner world, to watch and analyze everything that happens in their life. By thinking over everything, they solve the mystery and get rid of a burden. This may be one of the reasons why Scorpios love anything that has a story, and a meaning behind it, such as tribal items, figurines, ornate items, and ethnic items. As for the bedroom, Scorpio likes it luxurious and comfortable.


Pisces are very delicate, sensitive, and dreamy zodiac signs. You have a great sense of style and an overflowing imagination. Order and discipline are not particularly important to them; their houses are clean but disorganized but still have an artistic aura. Your home – is a place of relaxation, peace, and serenity. They are unorganized in their daily life; their heads are always full of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. The imagination of Pisces exaggerates everything, so how things are organized in the outside world is not so important. Home is essential to Pisces, and they won’t live in complete chaos or disorder. They prefer to have chaotic and orderly periods that change. Some Pisces love to order in their home, but that means they’re pretty messy about everything else, and that’s such compensation. In terms of decoration, they love everything refined and delicate. They create a pleasant neutral design – how to rest in their home. They do not like complicated things so that everything will be simple, noble, and tasteful.