Give a Competitive Edge to your Restaurant with Favouritetable



A team created Favouritetable online restaurant booking system with a deep passion for food, wine and everything else good. As a group of chefs and hotel owners who have worked in the best hotels and restaurants in the world have always been looking for new dining experiences and exciting food. This love and passion for food and discovery united them into a Favouritetable. How often do you think about where to eat for a particular day? What is the newest and best restaurant in town? What is a must-see when visiting a specific restaurant? Can I dine at one of the city’s top restaurants while saving money?

 Favouritetable has the answers for the most fun, authentic and seamless table booking experience. With instant confirmation within 18 seconds, you can now book over 1,000 British restaurants on their website. Favouritetable has evolved into a daily dining app by offering prepaid discounted meals and coupons, including up to 50% off at many restaurants. Serving as a carefully selected guide to a wide range of restaurants, the Favouritetable website is a reliable guide to eating out. Suppose you are looking for a large group booking of 10 or more guests, suggestions, ideas, or recommendations for dining locations. Check out their website. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Favouritetable maximizes reach and revenue by doing the following-

  • They ensure that your booking link exists on your website, social account, etc.
  • Get the attention of hungry guests by providing a waiting list online.
  • You can adjust floor plans and shift settings on the fly to ensure successful service at any volume.
  • Set meal time limits, do more rounds and set guest expectations.
  • Connect the POS to Favouritetable so that you can track menu settings and sales.
  • Send guest updates through the news feed as the restaurant offers takeaways and initiates the experience.

Favouritetable also keeps guests up to date in response to regulatory changes.

  • Favouritetable takes your profile one step further. Update menus, takeaways, experiences, 
  • Delivery availability, select the right food type and upload photos.
  • They add an outdoor table to your floor plan to take advantage of everyone’s love for outdoor dining.
  • They update your safety procedures to get an idea of ​​what your guests can expect, such as whether your indoor meal requires vaccination certification.
  • Customize your booking confirmation to contact guests before each booking and remind you of the restaurant regulations you must comply with.
  • Avoid surprises on arrival-use direct messages to confirm booking details with guests in advance.

Favouritetable minimizes no-shows and cancellations. 

  • Favouritetable fills in the waiting list for reservations or availability notifications for late cancellations.
  • Target last-minute bookings with boost campaigns to fill empty spaces and last-minute cancellations.
  • They also recognize and respond to recurring criminals who are “problem guests”.
  • They send a preliminary booking confirmation to notify the guest of your booking (Favouritetable will automatically confirm your booking via SMS and email).

Favouritetable helps you work efficiently regardless of team size.  

  • Prepare your team’s services with detailed pre-shift reports and robust guest profiles to get an accurate picture of who is passing through the door.
  • Enable automatic table status with POS integration to free up server time and spend more time with guests
  • Check and optimize your time to accommodate more people as your staff grows.
  • Use QR codes for non-contact menu sharing, safety precautions, contact tracing surveys, and more.

Last but not least, Favouritetable makes sure guests are happy and come back.

  • Make yourself stand out with an experience – offering special menus, live music, one-off events and more.
  • Make them attractive, recognize guest loyalty in unique moments, and get them back.
  • Use custom post-meal surveys to collect guest feedback and understand what works and doesn’t.
  • Use customized guest emails to stay connected across the restaurant’s four walls.