Top 10 Adventure Destinations in India

Camping at Kedarkantha Banbanjara


Which vacation is your dream? Do you prefer taking it easy in a historic town? Is your vacation a trip that inspires you to adventure? Adventure travel is the newest form of vacation. It can be done alone or with others. If you are looking for excitement and adventure, National Adventure Trips can help you organize your next adventure with friends. These are some of the most adventurous vacations.

  • Kedarkantha

Timeframe: 6 days

Level 2: From Easy to Moderately Complex

Place: Uttarakhand

The Kedarkantha Trek can be done in any season except the southwest monsoon.

We originally planned one of our earliest treks. This hike is perfect for any season, and includes a stunning climate conference climb. The Forty (40 High Point) is 12,500 feet high and offers a great view of other Himalayan Peaks. Over the past decades, humans have discovered new and daring ascent routes.

  • Manali

Manali is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike through the forest. You can hike up to Gangtok, or jump from Solang Valley. This place is a great spot for a honeymoon, as well as a backpacking and adventure destination. There are many hiking trails that can be taken from Manali. You can also hike to Malana in the Himalayas, which is known for its strict rules and regulations. Jogini Falls is a one-hour hike from Auli.

  • Bandhavgarh

Madhya Pradesh is known as the “heart of India” because it’s home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. It seems that the best wildlife viewing in all of its reserves is offered to customers to draw them in. There are great chances that you will spot one here, as it has the largest known tiger population in India. The Jabalpur terminal is located closest to Bandhavgarh. Visitors can then take the bus to Umaria.

  • Kaziranga

Perhaps you would like to meet an endangered Indian rhinoceros face-to-face. Kaziranga National Park, Assam is home to more than 2,000 rhinos. You can take a game drive or an elephant back trip into the grasses and see them. The park also has large populations of giraffes and untamed water buffalo as well as swamp deer.

If you are traveling by rail, the closest railheads to Helem (30km), Jorhat (90km), Furketing (77.5 km) and Guwahati (220 km).

  • Nagarhole

National Park includes use and is located in Coorg (Kodagu), which is the home to Kodagu’s famous coffee. You might spot tigers and leopards in this sanctuary covering 650 km. The stunning mountain backdrop and forest safari make Disquieting a popular attraction. 

Templates, a template safari, and the forest safari will provide you with the same adrenaline rush as a jeep safari. The state forest is densely populated with fauna and vegetation, making it an amazing outdoor adventure.

  • Lahaul-Spiti

If you are looking for an incredible adventure, explore the Leh Valley in Andhra Pradesh. It is an area that is mostly uninhabited and scattered with small villages. Yes! Yes! Lahaul-Spiti, if you are looking for divine comfort in the natural world, is undoubtedly the right place. You can’t ask for more than amazing treks, historic convents, and waterside camps.

  • Punakha

Our neighbours offer some thrilling excursion vacations as well as expedition travel in India. There are many wonderful hiking trails in Punakha and Kathmandu. You can also visit odd-themed parks such as the Chimi Lhakhang fertility Temple. Punakha’s appeal is enhanced by the presence of tunnels and swimming holes. 

Its favorable weather makes it a fascinating event. The climate is perfect any night of the year before you go to bed, or on any other day of the week. You can enjoy the beautiful town’s quiet beauty while you take a peaceful stroll.

  • Pokhara

Many adventure activities are available in Pokhara (Nepal), including trekking the Mountainous Hills and rafting, but also kayaking along the city’s many rivers. You can explore caves by wire running 600 miles down a steep drop. Whitewater rafting, whitewater rafting, and rolling down discrete wavelet falls are all options. Rani Tal and Begnas Tal are tranquil lakes located 10 kilometers from Kathmandu.

  • Auli

Are you a fan of skiing? You can visit Will in the District, Indian state region of Uttarakhand. Auli has a ski lift that is 500 metres long and a slope that is 3 km long. It can compete with other ski resorts. Tourism offers snorkelling courses and outdoor gear.

  • Rishikesh

Auli is approximately 260 km away from Rishikesh, the holy place. Rishikesh, in addition to its temple complex is the mecca of thrill-seekers who can do cliff diving and skydiving as well as 1-kilometre zipping here on Ganga rapids. It has been called “Yoga Capital of India”. Rishikesh is a great place to go for spiritual practice the night before bed.