Andaman with friends



Andaman is a beautiful place to visit with friends and family. It is full of stunning islands. You can spend your vacation in the lap of nature during your visit. Here are some beautiful places you can visit with your friends too. 


Snorkelling at Havelock Island Elephant Beach: Havelock is known for its lovely beaches and crystal clear blue sea, making it the greatest destination in Andaman for water activities. Snorkelling in the Havelock Islands may be done at areas like North Bay Island in Port Blair, Elephant Beach in Havelock Island, Red Skin Island in Port Blair, and others. It’s one of the greatest snorkelling experiences in India since the water is so pure!

This island is known for its corals since it has coral reefs and a large number of corals. It also has fantastic aquatic activities, including the opportunity to observe corals.

There isn’t much to see in this region; it’s primarily used for aquatic activities. This island is generally included on a trip that also includes Ross Island.


Best holidays for all visitors to the Andaman Islands, with a focus on keeping tourists comfortable and having real-time enjoyment. While participating in water sports, we guarantee that each activity is organised with high-quality safety equipment, and that guests may participate in the water sports of their choosing throughout their stay at Havelock Island Beach Resort.

The resort hosts a variety of events. Going high in the air in a parachute linked to a rope to a high-speed boat dragging on the ocean’s surface is a thrilling experience. The panoramic view of the coastline at Havelock Island’s elephant beach, which can be seen soaring in the air, creates the ideal adrenaline rush for maximum thrill.


Prepare to self-drive your own Seakart along the coastlines of Port Blair on your next Andaman vacation for the first time in India. Seakart, a 5-star rated activity on Tripadvisor with only locations in Dubai, Mauritius, and the Andaman Islands, is sure to have your pulse racing with unrivalled thrill and excitement.

Seakart is India’s first self-driven premium water sport, based in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is the world’s third location to accommodate such thrilling and safe water sports activities. To experience the thrill, join us at Carbyn’s Cove Beach in Port Blair, Andamans.


The dolphin glass-bottom boat ride in Andaman is ideal for those who want to see the underwater world without getting their toes wet. This is something to look forward to. Andaman & Nicobar Islands Glass Boat Tour | Andaman Tourism: Take in the wonderful seaside view and unwind for a while.

The Andaman Islands is a sophisticated and fast-paced island chain. This boat provides an excellent view of the islands’ coral reefs.

This is accessible on the island of North Bay. The best alternative is for senior citizens or youngsters who are unable to scuba dive or snorkel but still want to see the sea life.

We can view corals on the bottom up to 6-8 metres below using a magnifying lens on the bottom of the boat.

There are lots of places near Bangalore to visit and enjoy 


Scuba diving in India provides breathtaking vistas of the tropical underwater world.

We began to enjoy the dives after becoming accustomed to the equipment, the warm seas (indeed, 32°C), and so forth.

Scuba diving is a type of deep-sea diving that allows you to see the Andaman’s stunning aquatic life. In this video, I go for a fun dive to a depth of 10-12 metres. This is some of India’s greatest scuba diving.

You can dive to depths of up to 30 metres if you have a PADI certification or something equivalent.


The limestone caves are just sedimentary rock that has been compacted over millions of years by deposits of various components such as corals, bones, and seashells. Another attraction is Parrot Island, where you can spend a relaxing evening with your family while watching several parrots soar. Mud Volcano is a great place to go hiking and jet skiing if you’re looking for a thrill. 

As one of India’s most beautiful wonders, this location will provide you with an incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. So, if you’re seeking a fun-filled holiday, pack your luggage and head off to discover nature’s wild splendour.

Bartang Island is located 100 kilometres from Port Blair and can be reached through the Grand Andaman Trunk Road. The trip from Port Blair to Middle Strait takes around 2.5 hours and is broken up into two parts: Port Blair to Jirkatang and Jirkatang to Baratang island.