Tips for industrial decoration with wooden blinds 

wooden blinds

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Not only are real wooden blinds predominantly versatile — they, like your hardwood grounds and furniture, come in an endless collection of finishes — they’re also durable and long-lasting. And like any decent window handling, wooden blinds are great for serving if you keep light out, depending on your favourites and needs. But once you’ve settled on wood, how do you bond it into your more excellent décor arrangement?

 Let’s take a look!

Applications for Wood Blinds

Wood blinds suit various living spaces, including natural, earthy, traditional, vintage, transitional, coastal, and industrial decoration. However, they may not work in high-humidity environments, so faux wood blinds are recommended for a stylish look.

1.To Match or Not to Match

When selecting blinds, consider the finish, whether matching floors, moulding, or furniture(machinery). Accent them for extra dimension. Neutral tones like grey, charcoal, or black are perfect for industrial spaces. At the same time, darker finishes are best for formal rooms.

2.Don’t Discount White

While many industry owners like the natural appearance and finished look of wood blinds, others prefer the robustness of wood mixed with paint or a different finish.

When designing a contemporary, modern look, neutral-tone wood blinds are perfect for industry construction. These window treatments complement almost any colour scheme and style while adding a feeling of the working environment.

3.Think About Slat Size 

Slat size is crucial because it helps create a more proportionate appearance with the size of your window. It also significantly contributes to the blinds’ overall appearance and could marginally change how well they work and function.

 For instance, when the slats are tilted open, larger slats let in lighter and improve visibility.

4. Soften the Look 

One problem is many decorators prefer something other than wood blinds because, because they lack fabric, they feel harsh or cold. A prodigious way to combat this is to pair them with softer touches and colours, such as furnished furniture.

You can  select a darker finish (like charcoal, black, or grey) to keep your working space cosy and pleasant.

5. Don’t Overlook the Control 

The devils in the details, as they say! When selecting any wooden blind for your industry decor, make sure that you take note of the control style. Wooden Blinds usually feature a cordless, wand-style control or pull cord.

The jerk cord is the most common, but there are many instances where you can prefer a different option. For example, cordless wood blinds are perfect for the low-height worker’s room.

Final thoughts

Choose durable, lightweight, eco-friendly wood blinds in various stains and textures to match furniture and flooring. Choose larger slat sizes for oversized windows and smaller ones for smaller ones.

Add flair with cords, wands, route less tapes, and valances for aesthetics. Pair with softer elements for contrast. Experiment with natural colours, painted finishes, distressed or modern styles.

With all these tips, we’re sure you’ll find wooden window blinds that exceed your design idea about the industry and meet your needs in the functionality department, too.