The Top 6 Best Jobs For College Students That Require Little Work


Working part-time while attending school is an effective way for students to improve their CVs, gain real-world experience, and simultaneously earn some cash.

But, with the majority of students looking for part-time work, the competition becomes daunting very quickly. That’s why it’s important to think outside of the box and look where no one else does.

Here is a vast array of job ideas for students that can offer the support and flexibility that they need.

Call Center Representative

Call center jobs don’t require much effort, most importantly what a representative needs to have is a soft, clear voice and the ability to make a sales pitch. Some call center jobs pay higher for students that are multilingual or have previous experience in sales.

Working as a call center representative is ideal for students as employers for these jobs need employees that can work evening and weekend shifts. 

On-Demand Staffing

Temporary or on-demand staffing agencies are a great alternative to day labor jobs that usually have 9 to 5 work shifts. Working with an agency allows students to get proper work experience without a long-term commitment to employment.

These agencies often have a number of jobs with a large variety of projects that can fit into your schedule. For instance, some of the jobs include general labor, event staffing, warehouse operations, deliveries, etc.

Personal Tutor

Students that are interested in some of the subjects that they study and excel at them can help out other students by becoming a tutor. Tutoring is great as you can choose your own clients and working time.

You can easily find work by promoting yourself on social media platforms and local Facebook groups. Some university educational resource centers also provide tutoring opportunities for intellectual students.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are useful for businesses handling websites and social media accounts to create content tailored to their target audiences and attract more customers.

These writers are expected to keep up with relevant marketing and tech trends and know what type of content to create for which client. To find high-paying writing gigs, student freelancers need to display their skills and reach out to potential clients.

Social Media Assistant

Another highly beneficial job students can do while sitting at home is to run social media accounts for companies and organizations. They are typically part-time positions and students are paid hourly.

Students can easily relate to a company’s social media followings and audiences, which is why many companies readily hire students with a minimal experience that can show results. Students are expected to do customer service tasks, schedule and manage social media campaigns, and understand the target audience.

Truck Driver

Truck driving jobs pay relatively well and have quite flexible working shifts. One of the biggest benefits for students is that they don’t need any prior experience.A lot of trucking schools offer programs that pay students while they’re still learning. That way they get to earn money while gaining experience at the same time. Once they acquire their license, students can find Local trucking jobs home daily.