Style Tips from Women Who Look Put Together All the Time


You can put together a well-edited outfit and a fail-safe hair and cosmetics strategy with just a few easy steps. How simple it is will astound you. The truth is that you can only sometimes be organized. 

There isn’t anyone (really, there isn’t anyone) whose hair is always styled and whose loungewear always matches, so go ahead and strive to look your best at work and dress to kill on date night. However, you can still look stunning with shiny hair, immaculate makeup, and a put-together dress.

1. Find Your Colors

You should dress in whatever colors make you happy and that you adore. However, it’s a good idea to include the colors that compliment you the most if you’re creating your style uniform around a specific color scheme. 

Choose taupe, gray, and creamy white as neutral color schemes. Taupe, milky white, and chocolate are the finest neutral colors. Additionally, pale peach, jade green and pink thick ribbed knit bandeau top suits on those with neutral complexion tones. 

2. Hack Your Wardrobe

Having a hack for those mornings when you’re rushing and can’t take additional time to look good is essential. Consider the issues that cause the most delay when doing this. Find a hair accessory that works as a temporary remedy for hair issues. 

Purchase a dress or jumpsuit that you can quickly slip on if you struggle to put together clothes. Find a shoe that looks just as stylish but feels as comfortable as your slippers if there are some days when you cannot wear heels.

4. Get A Two-Minute Hairstyle

Start by learning one quick-to-do hairstyle. If you have the time, go all-out with curls, braids, or the most recent style. A black jersey head wrap will go with any clothing and may be used for various hairstyles. 

Remember to appreciate the influence of a low-maintenance hairstyle or haircut too. Ask your hairdresser or braider if they have any easy fixes for any issues you may have with doing your hair every morning.

4. Create A Quick Makeup Routine

Try to reduce the time it takes to do your makeup every day to 15 minutes or less. Have a shortened version that you can do even more quickly on days when you accidentally hit the snooze button too many times. 

Making a statement by using a bright red lip is another option. You only need to apply mascara, lipstick, and concealer to be ready to go.

5. Gather Outerwear

The simplest way to seem put together in the spring, fall, and winter is to throw on a stylish blazer, coat, or jacket. Unfortunately, these products may be quite costly—especially if they are well-made. Because of this, you may want to start gathering a piece or two every season. 

A belted trench, a black leather jacket, a navy, camel, or peacoat are good places to start. Remember to visit secondhand shops when you’re out shopping.

6. Adopt Proper Posture

Try to improve your posture each day consciously. When you pass a woman on the street whose sense of style you admire, pay attention to what she is wearing and how she moves. She undoubtedly seems put together in addition to her clothes because she is. Keep your head directly over your shoulders while standing.