How many letters are in the Alphabet

How many letters are in the Alphabet
How many letters are in the Alphabet

‘How Many Letters Are in the Alphabet?’ Riddle Answer Explained

One of the many puzzles being circulated in platforms like Facebook and Twitter asks How many letters are in the Alphabet. This is among the many riddles being circulated at the moment during the coronavirus epidemic which is causing people to spend longer in the comfort of their homes. Find out more and discover the answer to the question.

The question is usually written in a rather simple manner and asks the following questions:

How many letters are there in the alphabet?

The answer may be more complex than you imagine.

If you’re looking for the answer, keep reading.

Here’s the Answer to the Alphabet Riddle

It’s eleven.

This may not be clear for you at first. It is likely that you thought the question was about how many letters make up the alphabet in all. There are actually 26 alphabet letters obviously. If that’s what you’re looking for it’s possible to make an argument to support it.

As with any riddle, you’ll need to find the answer within the query. This one is asking for you to find the alphabet within”the word “the alphabet.”

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If you add those letters, the answer is 11 letters.

There are some who be able to argue that every single letter only being counted one time, meaning the correct answer is seven. If that’s your answer, you could definitely argue to support that argument as well. However, the question doesn’t call for letters that are unique but rather, letters. The most common answer that you’re looking for is 11.

Sometimes, people clarify the issue by phrasing the question in this way:

How many letters make up “the alphabet”?

This approach certainly helps to come up with a solution. It also gives people little chance to present an alternative solution. This , if you take a closer look will clearly want that you count only the letter within the sentence between the quotation marks, rather than all of the letters in the alphabet. This is why you should formulate your question in such a way if you wish to avoid a lot of debates about the answer. However, be ready for them to come up with the answer faster.

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A similar riddle is circulating around, which is: “How many letters are in the correct answer to this question

“How many letters are in the answer to this riddle?” The method for coming up with the answer is totally different from the logic used to solve “the alphabet” riddle. For the solution to this riddle read the story of Heavy here..

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