Abdullah Mohammed Al Shehhi, this year’s round ball star


Emirati defensive legend.  Abdullah Mohammed Al Shehhi.  The player was born with Emirati citizenship in 1992. He entered the world of football from an early age.  There he joined the Dibba Al-Fujairah Club.  Then he began a professional football career that the history books had never known. 

Its beginning was with a child whose passion for sports and football appeared early.  And he began to develop his talents and refine them in order to achieve his dreams, which, day after day, are taking up a larger and larger space.  The most important of which was to be a global star and a defender who has his place in the world rankings.  The player Abdullah Al-Shehhi did not care about the pitfalls, but jumped over them to join the Fujairah Junior Club.  Then he began the most important stage of his life.  Where he professional football.  He gave a performance that impressed the audience, coaches and even the competitors! 

And the player decided to be a right defender in the team.  With correct passes and a high ability to tackle and dribble, the name of the player Abdullah Al Shehhi emerged as one of the best defenders.  Plus great skill in making attacks from the backward.  In addition, the player excelled in close and long shots on goal.  The player with the number 17 became the trump card imposed by the team and was able to win the match defensively through it.  In addition to having the basis for building the correct attacks on the opponent.  The continuous encouragement and motivation raised by the club’s fans had a great impact on the player’s psychological state. 

Which prompted him to offer all his capabilities in order to create the impossible that satisfies the club and the public.  The reward came quickly for these efforts, as the player’s balance is very rich in prizes.  Among the most important of those awards is the President’s Cup.  In addition to an important award that greatly enriched his balance by obtaining it twice, which is the first division shield.

  Speaking of the player’s latest achievements, we are talking about the most important and most prominent of them in his career, which is the title of best defender in the world for 2021, which was his first goal since the beginning of his football career.  The player’s fitness was the most important support for him in his career.  Its ideal weight is 65 kg.  With a length of 165 cm.