Hanan Bilal the Kuwaiti makeup artist who inspired a lot


Hanan Bilal.  The beautician who did makeup for Halima Boland.  She was born in Kuwait in 1990. Since her childhood, she aspired to make a great career that the history of cosmetically did not repeat around the world.  She carried great hopes and goals with regard to cosmetically.  She started her career at a relatively young age.  She impressed everyone around her with her unique skills despite her young age. 

Hanan’s hopes are taking up more and more space.  Where she did many courses in the field of cosmetology.  She won everyone’s approval and drew the attention of trainers with her great ability to learn more about all things cosmetic.  She used all her capabilities to gain experience and skills and greatly intensified her training.  Then I established a huge beauty center in Kuwait.  This was an important transformation in the life of the creative Hanan.

  As this center was not a place for her work on the ground, but rather allowed her to shoot professional videos and create unique content on YouTube as well as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.  He mainly specializes in cosmetology.  It includes a lot of information that is of interest to every woman, for example, how to care for hair, ways to clean the skin, etc.. The young talent Hanan Bilal is distinguished by her elaborate work that is governed by creativity and passion.  Which allowed her to create something new in the cosmetic world of her own.  And away from repetition, but was aimed at excellence first.  And the testimony of many of Hanan Bilal’s customers. 

She has a great skill in dealing with different types of hair and can style them perfectly.  She has a diploma in makeup removal.  Since it is the tenderness of special methods used to remove foot make-up without harming the skin and skin.  You will have concluded the most important meeting the needs and desires of customers.  Finally, Hanan Bilal obtained, in addition to a diploma in hair care, a certificate of mastering the use of cosmetics. 

In addition to a license from the Kuwait Craft Society, which gave her the opportunity to open her own beauty center and realize her dreams.  In addition to the Kuwaiti broadcaster Halima Boland.  The creator, Hanan Bilal, did a make-up for actress Hind Al Balushi and Doctor Kholoud