6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Health Coach


The hiring of a health coach could be a significant decision since it’s an important investment in the time of your life. You should make sure you’re making the best choice to protect your health and your future.

The field of health coaching grows as more and more people are thinking about working with a coach to improve their lifestyle. You might be wondering about the kinds of health coaches available and how to choose the one that is right for you.

In this article, we’re going to discuss with you the 6 factors you should think about before hiring a health coach:

Education Background

There’s a variety of health coaches available and it’s your choice to set a standard for the qualifications you require for the person you choose to coach. Certain coaches are certified medical professionals or therapists who have received additional training to offer coaching services. 

Some coaches don’t have medical licenses and have decided to take a course through the health coaching certification program. It is the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (or NBHWC is a certification body for fitness and health coaches that have completed and demonstrated their competence in coaching and follow their ethical principles. 

Some online platforms offer health coaching services. For example, you can do Optavia login to find professional health coaches for your health goals.

Coaching Style & Approach

There are a variety of methods of health coaching, and it is important to know the methods and strategies that your trainer uses. Coaching for health is all about encouraging and identifying personal obstacles to establish goals and helping clients achieve lasting change. 

However, coaching may let you in on a variety of worries, doubts, and personal anxieties that may not have been considered previously. It is important to understand that coaching isn’t a form of psychotherapy. 

A professional coach should be able to describe their methods of professional practice to address sensitive issues as well as know the situations where counseling or psychotherapy may be necessary to make modifications safely and healthily.


Most coaches aren’t all-inclusive and most choose to concentrate on a particular area like weight loss, fitness, nutrition, chronic healthcoach1 disease management, meditation, and so on. 

Certain coaches take a holistic approach and can deal with the complex physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that impact our overall health through including practices that promote mind-body health, such as QiGong, yoga, T’ai Chi, or meditation. You need to find the health coach that you think would work the best for your needs.

Coaching Programs

Certain coaches provide one-time coaching sessions, while others offer one-on-one coaching packages. Some provide coaching only via online groups. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. 

One-time sessions are great when you require a refresher or teak to your current plan however they lack the ongoing guidance and support of the longer-term programs. One-on-one sessions can be more costly, but they allow focusing on what you require. You can visit Optavia connect to learn about the different coaching programs that they have to offer.

You need to take your time and look at different coaching programs online to find the one that suits you the best. 

Referral Process

It is vital to be aware of the scope of work and the fact that general health coaches are not licensed or trained by a medical professional to treat or diagnose medical issues. 

Experience working with people with different illnesses is not a guarantee that they are qualified to recommend, advise, or manage medically. Should you not be able to find access to a health practitioner, think about getting one before you sign up with an expert health coach. 


Costs for health coaching vary greatly between coaches. In general, expect to pay anything from $100 per session up in the four-figure range or even more for a longer program. It’s all dependent on how often you’d like to attend the sessions. 

Some clients may prefer four weeks of intensive therapy, which involves seeing an expert in health coaching several times a week. Others may prefer to see a health coach once per week for a few months. 

It is best to check with your insurance provider to determine if health coaching is covered (often the case according to O’Connor) You could also consider using an HCS tax-free account.

Final Words

It is important to understand the fact that coaching for health is a relatively new but unregulated field which means no examination or test is standardized to prove the competence of a coach. 

It’s essential that anyone can be advertised as a health coach today. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to inquire more about a prospective health coach’s education background and experience in the field before hiring them.