6 Best Write in Medium: Guide with Tips and Best Practices

write in Medium

In write in Medium the age of technology there are a variety of options to publish content Medium. The most widely-used choices available nowadays are web builders. The software enables companies of all sizes to benefit from robust publishing capabilities that are built-in to search engine optimization and analysis.

What exactly is medium?

Medium was initially an invite-only web-publishing service in 2012 but it quickly gained traction in the years that blogs and marketing through content increased in importance. People wanted to get to be part of the pie and Medium now has over 200 million monthly visits.

The site has professional and amateur-grade content. It offers visual storytelling to editors, and it can serve as the primary source of content for companies that are partnered with Medium.

Anyone can sign up to Medium at no cost and post their thoughts, making Medium accessible to many different types of users. In this article I’ll explain how to write for Medium and give some advice for maximising your exposure.

How do you write for Medium?

After registering on Medium and personalizing your profile and adding a few sentences about your self, you’re now ready to begin thinking about what you’d like to write.

Here are some tips to think about:

1. Write about current subjects

Each article on Medium is linked with the correct category, which should be a source of inspiration for the best way to write. The top five categories currently on Medium comprise:

  • IdeasThe top spot should not come as a shock because Medium is an ideal platform for ideas and sharing of perspectives. Write about life lessons, business concepts in the form of inspiration, creativity, and entrepreneurialism.
  • PoliticsPolitical debates have always been a major part of our society. For some, it has contributed to the way they see themselves in the present. In this section there are topics that range from the President to economics, political parties and polling.
  • Tech One of Medium’s biggest readers base is that of the tech-focused. Everything from startups to blockchain, programming design and interface as well as social media, is covered in this section.
  • EntrepreneurshipThis class is inextricably linked to concepts, but greater personal branding self-improvement, marketing and leadership capabilities are covered here.
  • Life– One of Medium’s broad categories expect to find many different articles about poetry, writing techniques as well as passion, love and inspiration, personal growth and relationships.

2. Avoid content marketing

Medium isn’t the best platform for marketing or sales-oriented content. For a business you are able to include your links when you want to however, don’t promote the product you offer too heavily in the content. In reality, Medium itself says this is not a common practice within its writing communities.

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3. Don’t mislead readers

Your aim as writer is not to lure readers into clicking bait You should be doubling down on this when you’re writing for Medium. Additionally, Medium is very clear against promoting false health information or flimsy science. The Medium team is as follows: Siobhan O’Connor, VP of Editorial at Medium says:

4. Be authentic

It is highly recommended to share original thoughts and ideas. It is stated on Medium that aggregating content will be not permitted and plagiarizing others’ work may result in couple of things. If you are caught plagiarism the author’s work, the original writer could issue a cease-and-desist or request reference links, compel the author to complete a rewrite or even negotiate the payment of a royalty.

5. Find the optimal length for content

Your content doesn’t have to be lengthy and completely developed. This is in contrast to writing on LinkedIn where content with a long form with a length of 1,900 to 2,000 words is believed to get the most attention. Short-form content that can be actionable will perform as well as guides that are full-length on Medium.

6. Make sure your headlines are optimized

Your headlines should be concise and clear. This is particularly important in case you’re trying connect with a broad public. Inconsistent headlines could turn off readers and lead to more bounce rates.

Tips for publishing on Medium

You have some idea about what you want to create and how to write it however, how do you make maximum value from your writing? What can you do to ensure that readers are reading and consuming your content? Start with the elements on your page.

Writing elements on-page for Medium

On-page writing elements are specific tweaks to an article to increase its user-friendliness and searchability. This is usually used for SEO purposes however, Medium includes on-page adjustments that are able to boost visibility, too.

Include alt-text in your images

In the beginning, you must already include images within your Medium content since articles with images receive the highest number of views, compared to texts-only posts. Also, ensure that you include alternative text in these images. Alt-text can make images easier to view for blind users and, consequently, attracts a wider number of viewers.

Use proper header tags

The majority of writers are aware the different sizes of headers and how they read however did you know that header tags are essential to let search engines know what content you have written? Utilizing header tags in a proper manner on Medium is crucial.

The big T is an H1 tag. It should contain a variant of your targeted keyword. The smaller T is an H2 tag, and it is meant to complement your H1 tag.

For instance, if your H1 tag reads “How to write an email for marketing,” The H2 tags need to be specific steps in the procedure, i.e. “Write an appealing headline” or “Be brief and concise.”

Create a custom URL

Medium lets content creators modify their story links prior to publishing. It is as easy as clicking on the Additional options menu and then selecting Customize the story link. Make sure to do it in a manner that is logical to the reader, and can also be useful for SEO.

Add a meta description

Most publishing software will require users to input the meta description prior to being live, but Medium doesn’t. Instead, you’ll need select to open the Additional options menu and then choose the option to change display title or subtitle to start making changes.

Tags for the topic

If you want to be able to reach different readers, you should consider linking your content with relevant areas. It is as easy as clicking in the more choices menu and then selecting the option to change tags.

Extra tip for using Medium

Medium is a publishing platform that is suitable for both professional and amateur writers, but they must still consider expanding their network. This is a different alternative, and less well-known method to boost your profile’s visibility.

Join in on stories you love to lift them up and then write your thoughts via the comment section. The author should get your opinion on their story and add a new angle in the event that you believe it adds value. The more you interact with Medium and other platforms, the greater chances that other users are more aware of what you’ve created.

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