Why good translation is important for social networks


When it comes to business today, social networks are the biggest showcase, serving as a channel of connection between the company and potential customers. Regardless of the country in which the users live, there is a chance that they will pass by the brand and fall in love.

However, it is important to remember that the country of origin determines the market. Trying to sell a product in Spain will never be the same as trying to market it in China.

Although social media is the perfect and easy channel to persuade potential clients, you need to offer a value proposition for the specific target culture and language, which is where a specialist legal translation agency Manchester can help you.

1. The importance of good translation of social media content

In the context of digital marketing, the use of social networks is considered a key strategy tool. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are the most used platforms, not only to promote products or services, but also to generate visits to the website or e-commerce.

In terms of internalization, they represent an effective support simply by translating the content published in Spanish into English or into the native language of the country you are addressing.

The problem lies in the fact that each social network has its own peculiarities that need to be analyzed and taken into account. This is the only way to avoid mistakes that may ridicule your brand or worse, jeopardize your reputation.

2. Professional translation is key

As a translation agency and language experts for English translations, we have qualified staff for handling and managing social media content.

As a professional translation company, we attach great importance to knowing the functions of the individual platforms in detail in order to be able to cope with the possible translation challenges.

3. Every social network is different

Although they are all very similar in structure, social networks are different platforms aimed at different audiences – you only have to compare a Facebook post with what is known as tweets to see the big difference.

Accordingly, the content must be adapted to the social network, as well as its corresponding legal aid translation into English, Spanish, Portuguese or another language.

3. Possible space restrictions

While some platforms do not limit the length of text, there are social networks that limit content to a certain number of characters. The problem with this is that if the translation exceeds the number, only part of the original message is previewed, leaving the message incomplete.

4. Each platform has its own language

As a specialist translation agency, we know that different platforms have languages ​​that can be confusing. Terms like “hashtag”, “DM” or “hater” are anglicisms to master, not to mention the expressions that can change depending on the country and even the language variant.

Social media marketing is about engagement, meaning getting the message across to users and bringing them closer to the brand, understanding the need for very careful translation.

5. Direct inquiry, demand, answer

Social networks are characterized by dynamism and interaction. You can’t wait a week to respond to a user’s message or use specific dates to upload content.

Our job as a translation company is to translate, adapt or transcreate your content.

6. Machine translation: avoid mistakes

Promoting your business to other countries through social media is the cheapest and most effective way to promote your business. However, success depends on doing things right, and machine translation increases the likelihood of errors, especially colloquial and regional expressions and wordplay.

Social media users pay attention to content uploaded by brands and become critics, so it’s a double-edged sword; Your reputation can be improved or worsened.

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