5 Best Typography for Websites the Tips for Choosing


This is accomplished by selecting the most appropriate typography for your company’s branding. If you select the correct typeface for your site, your users will be capable of reading the text on each page.

If you make a mistake or make the wrong choice, you could be having your bounce rate rise.

Are you interested in finding out more about selecting the best fonts for your site? Just keep reading.

How do you choose the right typography for your website

When you select a sizes, colors and overall style It adds to the overall look of your website as well as the content you will find on every page. Not sure which direction to choose for your fonts? Be sure to keep these five points in mind while you select the right style for your website.

1. Do not use too many fonts at one time

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of choices in choosing the right font for your site. Google Docs alone has a impressive 450 font options which is why it could be tempting to choose several different fonts for your site.

In this instance the rule is less is more. To keep your brand consistent and ensure your message is on your site uniform on all of your websites, pick one that you like and never look back.

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2. Make sure that you coordinate the typography with your brand

If you want your site to have a more traditional feel keep it simple and the things you already know does the trick. These are fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, or Times New Roman.

At the opposite end in the range, perhaps you’d like to build an online site that has modern, minimalist or progressive style. Choose fonts that have clean lines and with fewer characteristics that resemble handwriting like Capsuula as well as Infinity.

For a font that has a an impressive and well-defined appearance, pick a style that is bold and chunky. The the boldness of these fonts will convey a sense of strength and creates a strong impression. Choose a font such as Raleway and Matiz.

Designing a site for a bridal boutique or a business with an elegant or romantic vibe? That’s when you’ll need to pick fonts that resemble handwritten and have lots of loops and curves. These are fonts like Allura or Dancing Script.

3. Be aware of the spacing

Web designers don’t just design for desktop. Make your site mobile-friendly! What will your website look like on smaller screens? If you are looking at characters, think about 30-35 characters for each line on mobile devices. Because we also need to create a layout for websites that are seen on mobile devices Consider how your website will appear on smaller screens. For mobile devices, consider about 30-40 characters per line

Another method to ensure that your content is simple to read is to add enough space between lines. In typography this space is known as leading which is also referred to as the line’s height. If you increase the leading you increase the vertical space between paragraphs of text.

4. Do not write in all caps

Utilizing text that’s all capitalized is okay when you’re using acronyms or logos. However, if your text is read aloud do not yell at your visitors on your site with texts in all caps. Most people won’t read through the message you’re trying to convey.

5. Be aware of color contrast

You don’t want to cause those who visit your site an issue when they attempt to read the content on your page. When you choose the color of your font, make sure you don’t choose a color that is too like the background of your site. Don’t select the light gray color to use on white background. Also, dark gray letters on black backgrounds.

It might seem as if common sense, however always make sure to test the color you’ve made on real users using a variety of devices. It is also in your best desire to control the number of colors are used at the same time and stay clear of hues with too much brightness or bright to avoid eye strain from your guests.

Make sure that your typography is in line

If you do it, the text on your site will be as gorgeous as pictures and as engaging as videos. Much goes into selecting the most appropriate typeface for your website But you’ll be able to tell when you’ve got the look you’re after. Make sure you choose carefully!

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