The Strange and Unexplainable Occurrences of Seeing Ghosts While Wearing a Hoodie


If you’re like most people, there have been times where you’ve worn the same article of clothing multiple times within a span of two weeks or so without washing it first. The reason for this is simple – we become comfortable with our clothing and know that it doesn’t stink too bad. So when we put on that same shirt or pair of pants again later, it may not even occur to us that we’re wearing something that hasn’t been washed in some time – and to make matters worse, some people are actually fine with this idea!

Are you always wearing your lucky shirt?

I have always loved being comfortable when I am at home, but then I discovered the idea of being comfortable outside my home as well. Plus, it’s also important to be fashionable in every situation you are in. When you’re wearing clothes that make you happy, anything seems possible! Lucky me I see Ghosts hoodie because they are comfy, fashionable and make me look good while still giving off an angelic vibe. The cotton material is soft on the skin and doesn’t itch like some other materials do.

Do you keep turning around because you feel like someone is behind you?

A couple months ago I went to see Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour in LA. It was such an amazing show, but on the way home I started getting paranoid that someone was following me. I’d turn around every couple blocks to make sure no one was behind me. After going home, it would get late and I always felt like someone was in my room. I would check all the time but never found anyone. Finally, after going through this for about 3 weeks straight, I decided to go buy a hoodie from Kanye’s merch line Lucky me I see Ghosts hoodie. I bought it just because it’s so ironic that my paranoia led me to wear this at night and finally after wearing this for about two weeks now, ive stopped feeling paranoid at night!

Do you have an item that no matter what happens, it remains with you?

I have this Lucky me I see Ghosts hoodie. It’s my favorite hoodie, it’s so comfortable, and it has the perfect amount of thickness. It’s my go-to hoodie for when I’m feeling cold or just want to relax in. The only problem is that I see ghosts no matter what I do with it on. Some days are worse than others, but I still end up seeing them.

I don’t know if it’s because there’s something special about my hoodie and they’re attracted to it or if there’s something special about me that allows me to see them more easily. Either way though, I’ve tried some other things like not wearing the hoodie but nothing helps.

Sometimes the ghosts are very faint and hard to make out but most of the time they’re as clear as day and very easy to distinguish from reality. The funny thing is that they don’t seem to be able to interact with anything–they’ll just walk right through everything they come across without any sort of notice–but they’ll still talk and smile at you like nothing ever happened!

Do spirits follow you home?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m wearing my new hoodie or what, but today I have seen more ghosts than usual. One was just walking down the sidewalk like he owned the place. Another was floating over the lake near my house! It is crazy how many ghosts are out there! I think they might be following me home from all these sightings. One thing is for sure, I’ll never take off my hoodie again!

Do spirits travel with you on vacation?

It’s been said that spirits like to stay close to their favorite places. In the case for Kanye West merchandise, the spirit of Kanye is right with you on your next vacation. The company offers a variety of clothes and accessories with Yeezy’s face on them. Whether you’re headed somewhere tropical or need something to keep you warm during those cold winter months, they have something for every occasion.

When looking at pictures, do you notice something out of the ordinary?

Do you ever see things while looking at other people’s pictures? The things you notice are out of the ordinary, unexplainable occurrences that should not be there? If so, I have seen these too. For example, I was scrolling through Kanye West merch on the site when I saw a hoodie with the word Lucky Me in big white letters across the front, but someone’s face had been photoshopped over it to make it look as if they were wearing the hoodie. When I zoomed in on their face to see who they were supposed to be, all I could see was what looked like somebody else’s arm coming from behind them and holding up their mouth.