The Benefits of Physiotherapy and How It Can Help You

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Do you have chronic pain? You may find that working with a physiotherapist can be one of the most effective ways to treat your condition and get back to living your life to the fullest again, especially if you want to avoid taking long-term prescription medications. There are many benefits of working with a physiotherapist, which you can learn more about in this guide on physiotherapy in Abbotsford.

10 benefits of physiotherapy

  • Relieves pain in muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones 
  • Relieves stiffness in joints due to injury or overuse 
  • Restores normal range of motion 
  • Decreases risk of re-injury 
  • Improves strength 
  • Alleviates problems caused by neurological disorders 
  • Strengthens heart health 
  • Improves balance 
  • Treats patients post-surgery
  • Stress reduction!

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a physical treatment modality that deals with diagnosis, prevention, management, and rehabilitation of movement dysfunction. In layman’s terms, it helps with exercises to keep you active and in shape as well as correcting any musculoskeletal issues your body may have. At Prestige Physiotherapy we help treat every individual differently depending on their specific condition. As a fully accredited business here at Abbotsford, BC we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top quality service for all our clients. Call today for more details! 

Physiotherapist vs. Chiropractor

The difference between physiotherapists and chiropractors is a common source of confusion. At their core, both are professionals who are qualified to help people with injuries by restoring function to otherwise injure or damaged areas of your body. While many people view them as competing services, in reality they have plenty in common: Both can treat low back pain and neck pain; both are best suited for treating muscle or joint issues; both use similar therapies. However, they differ in that physiotherapists focus on healing through soft tissue manipulation (for example massage therapy) while chiropractors primarily focus on spinal adjustments. So if you’re suffering from a muscular problem such as lower back pain, a physiotherapist might be more suited to help you than a chiropractor would be.

Where do you find a physiotherapist?

In Canada, physiotherapists work with your family physician to diagnose your problem and create a treatment plan that targets your specific needs. In addition to helping with injury rehabilitation, physiotherapists can also help you prevent injuries in daily life. If you’re looking for a physiotherapist in Abbotsford, try Prestige Physiotherapy on Clear brook Road. The staff is well-trained and friendly, which makes them more than worth their price tag. They offer individualized treatment programs based on findings from diagnostic tests that include range-of-motion testing, strength testing and balance evaluations.

A normal appointment with your physiotherapist

During your appointment, your physiotherapist will examine you to make sure there’s no obvious injury or disease causing you pain. They may take a few notes about things like: how long you’ve had symptoms, whether anything seems to make them better or worse, and if there are any other issues going on that might affect treatment. Your physiotherapist may recommend some tests to diagnose exactly what’s wrong (if something is) and start planning a course of treatment that could include exercises, stretches, heat/ice therapy, massages, ultrasound treatments, electric stimulation (TENS units), acupuncture treatments (if warranted), massage therapy (if warranted) etc.

A list of common treatments offered by physiotherapists

Most insurance policies do not cover physiotherapy costs. However, if you are not on a plan, but still require treatment, there are affordable treatment options at Prestige Physiotherapy (Abbotsford). At Prestige, we provide a variety of services that can address injuries and pain. The following is a list of common treatments we offer: Physiotherapy Abbotsford– Common Treatments Physical Therapy in Abbotsford – We Are Here to Help!

Does insurance cover physio costs?

In many cases, private insurance can cover physiotherapy costs to a certain extent. To find out how much of your physio visits are covered by your plan, call your insurance provider’s customer service line and ask them directly. If you aren’t insured or if you want to be sure that all of your care is covered in full, you can pay for physio services out-of-pocket at about $100 per visit for a 45-minute session. For someone who regularly requires physical therapy, it’s often worth it because regular exercise is essential to maintaining good health.