Sustainability Practices for Wholesale


We can best realize why we need sustainability by gazing at our current climate scenario. Not only do we need to make our world clean, but we also have to make our economy green. Therefore, every business needs to make eco-conscious choices in this 21st century.

You cannot move forward without taking climate action. Moreover, this is extremely important for a wholesale business as wholesaling is an important link in the supply chain.

Whether you sell wholesale T-shirts in Fort Worth, TX, or a distribution company in Atlanta, GA, you must consider sustainable options.

Need for Green Business:

Climate change has made everyone conscious of our mother nature. Therefore, big corporations and small businesses are shifting towards a green economy.

However, this shifting requires throwing out old practices, which are much more accessible. Nevertheless, it is time to think out of the box and a need to choose a green business model. Following are the reasons why you need to take the sustainable shift:

  • Going green might make you face some initial problems, but it will make your business model viable for years. 
  • Making eco-friendly products that help in recycling and reusing, thus making the world a better place to live.
  • You will lessen your carbon footprint. It is because carbon contributes to overall global gas emissions daily.

And many other reasons to make a green shift. Regardless, becoming a socially responsible and eco-conscious business is of necessity. Because this era is not about doing business the usual way – it is time to think humbly and consciously.

How to Make Wholesale Business Green:

You have to stay ahead in your game. And choosing to make your business sustainable is one way of doing it. Here are some ways to make your wholesale business go green:

1: Transportation

Transportation is the main contributor to higher carbon emissions. It is because businesses tend to use freight and vehicles that use petroleum as their fuel.

You can make your transportation green by choosing electric vehicles (EV). These vehicles use electricity to run. Moreover, your logistical practices need to be eco-conscious as well. Therefore, this is a viable solution to all your unhealthy business practices.

2: Sustainable Products

The next thing to keep in mind is to use sustainable products. For your wholesale business, this means that you choose brands that have eco-friendly products. Moreover, these products can be recycled multiple times and do not leave any carbon emissions when thrown away.

Usually, customers choose environmentally responsible product lines. Therefore, these consumers will demand you to become an eco-friendly business. Overall, having sustainable products on the shelves can also assure you of more outstanding sales.

3: Packaging

Next, you must look into sustainable packaging. Usually, consumers purchase an item based on the packaging. In addition, today’s consumer is quite intelligent and reads the instructions, ingredients, and labels carefully before purchasing.

They will go with the product that mentions ‘made from recycled products or sustainable products. Therefore, smart packaging is the right option for your business in this era.

4: Warehouses

Another important thing is to maintain your warehouse functionality. For example, if you sell wholesale T-shirts in Fort Worth, TX, or wholesale sweatshirts in Huntsville, AL, try to keep a minimum stock in your inventory.

It will not do you good if you have so many unused items. Also, this will lessen your inventory costs. Therefore, keep a note on what to keep and what not to! 

Next is to choose a proper warehouse location. Often warehouses take up large spaces. Choose a site away from urban centers but closer to retail shops to save distance. Moreover, you should not destroy nearby green areas to accommodate you. Therefore, your warehouse can be environment-friendly through these practices. 

5: Right Investments

Suitable investments are the next best greener practice. Choosing to do business with only those brands that are sustainable is an important aspect.

Moreover, you have to invest in companies and products that are eco-conscious or recyclable. This aspect means investing in small businesses that produce greener end-products for a wholesale business.

6: Drop unsustainable practices

Moreover, it would help if you shifted your small business functions towards greener functions. Other unsustainable practices that you must drop are:

  • Do not use plastic, not even in your packaging or in other factory processes. Plastic is not a biodegradable material, making its presence a problem for the environment. Instead, use paper or ceramics or bioplastic.
  • Another thing you ought to do is to convert your energy. Instead of using fossil fuel to power your warehouses, use solar or wind energy. This way, you can contribute toward zero carbon emissions.


We must think critically in this current century. We must become both a climate-responsible business entity and an ethically sustainable enterprise. You are responsible for the world even if you are a small business. Therefore, it is better late than never for us to take quick, greener actions!