Sofa Bed v. Futon Which is the Better Choice?

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Sofa Bed v. Futon Which is the Better Choice?

Most people, at some time in their lives, live in a tiny space. It’s a fact! It doesn’t matter if you’re trying Furniture Lounge Sunderland to reduce your expenses in the city, reside on your own, or love the minimalist look of a house; smaller spaces are more popular than ever before.

We are all about sprucing up cosy homes and apartments, but one issue pops up frequently. What do you need to be doing when your guests arrive to stay?

Explore stable and sleek bedding options. They let you entertain guests or add more sleeping space to your home. These are futons and sofa beds. They’ve been around for a long time.

However, they’re becoming more popular due to their versatility and portability, adding alternatives to your living space. A sofa bed can be essential for your home, particularly when you’re planning to have guests stay with you or need more space for your roommates or family.

The issue is, which should you go with? Sofa beds and futons have their advantages and disadvantages that we’ll break down for you to make the best choice for your home.

What exactly is a sofa?

Sofa beds are what it is on the tin, a couch and a bed that are rolled together! It could be used as a sofa throughout the day, and when someone requires an area to rest. Sunderland Furniture Centre

You can take out the cushions and put out the bed’s base and a thin mattress for sleep. They’re great additions to any residence and provide sleeping spaces regardless of your room size.

3-seater sofas typically unfurl into the size of a queen bed, while two-seaters can provide a double-sized bed. Mattresses differ in terms of their quality and style.

However, most of them are slim and soft and are comprised of foam. It is also possible to find mattresses that have springs.

Benefits of a sofa bed

There’s nothing we like more than Furniture Warehouse Sunderland making the most of a smaller space which is why sofas are a fantastic option to achieve this. They’ve got plenty of benefits – here are some of the benefits of the sofa bed.

They’re adaptable! Sofa beds can turn into an ultra-comfy sofa in one moment and a comfortable bed in the next!

It’s only a couple of easy steps to put together in both directions. That’s why it’s easy to make room for guests and take them down when you’re completed.

Sofa beds are equipped with armrests which means they’re comfy and let you lean back and lay down in any posture.

They’re highly unnoticeable. It isn’t easy to differentiate an actual sofa bed from an ordinary couch, often making them an ideal, discreet feature for your living room.

They’re offered in a wide selection of styles and colours suitable for any home.

Advantages of a sofa

Of course, sofa beds come with their drawbacks. Here are a few points to keep in mind when considering a sofa. Living room storage furniture UK

Sofa beds can be heavy and difficult to move about, despite continuous improvements to the models offered. Make sure you pick a light model like this Austin 3-seater couch with storage, especially if you need to tackle the stairs or are constantly moving.

If it’s too heavy for your needs, you might want to consider putting it in its place or choosing a futon instead – continue reading to discover the reasons.

Armrests, as remarkable as they can be when you use your furniture as a sofa, can impede your sleep, especially in the case of tall people!

Consider armrests with detachable arms or, as a final option, look into the possibility of a futon if this is your primary concern.

Is a futon a thing?

On the other hand of the spectrum is the futon, a classic piece of furniture rooted in Japanese tradition. It’s been modified for modern times, and several different types of the futon are available.

For clarity, we’re not talking about an old-fashioned Japanese futon (a thin, folded-up mattress designed to be laid on the ground).

In this article, we’ll refer to the ‘western futon’, a sofa with a seat that can also function as an additional mattress.

A Western-style futon may look like a sofa bed, but they’re different furniture pieces. They are low to the ground and generally don’t come with armrests like sofa beds. Furniture shops in Sunderland

When you’re ready to go to bed and relax, the cushion is taken off and replaced with sheets and bedding, creating an inviting place to rest your head.

In general, they also have an option to make the backrest flat to create a double or queen-sized bed, as opposed to the pull-out mechanism in the sofa bed.

Benefits and drawbacks of the futon

Benefits of a futon

If you’ve learned the basics of futons, let’s dive into the exciting things! Here are a few good reasons why a futon might be the perfect choice for your house:

They’re for you to transport around. Futons are typically more lightweight and portable than sofa beds since they don’t require mattresses or the bulky materials that make up an extremely sturdy pull-out base.

They are a great choice if you’re planning on moving your furniture often or have a lot of guests to entertain.

Armrests aren’t included, which makes these the ideal choice for taller individuals who require more space to stretch.

Like couch beds, the futon is available in a wide range of colours and styles, which can be customized to your style and interior decor.

From modern to traditional and beyond, There’s a futon to suit every occasion, although they can be a perfect match for a minimalist Scandi style best.

The disadvantages of futons

Once you’ve mastered the benefits of futons, Here are a few negatives to think about.

The majority of futons are less cosy than couch beds. There are many reasons for this, but an important one is that they are always visible instead of hidden like sofa beds. Bedroom furniture UK

That means the cushions are smaller and less comfortable when folded down. Once they’re folded and folded down, no arms or sides prevent you from bouncing around while you rest.

We’ve tested everyone, and we can confidently say that it is an option to get a futon exactly as comfy as an actual sofa bed – for example, the soft fuzzy Clem Sofa Mattress.

The absence of armrests could be controversial to those who intend to use the new piece as an occasional couch, but or not. It’s good to know that there aren’t any futons that lack in this area!

One option that is ideal for those who aren’t willing to sacrifice the day-to-day look is the 3-seater Kip Sofa Bed with adjustable armrests that can be removed.

Our verdict – which should you pick?

In the final analysis, sofa beds have two distinct cons and pros, and your choice will depend on your individual preferences. If you intend to use your sofa to rest frequently, a futon could be a better choice since it’s much easier to move and take down and up.

However, if you’re looking for comfort, the sofa bed may be the better choice. It’s crucial to evaluate your needs and the use of your new furniture piece before taking the plunge.

The good news is that what a sofa bed doesn’t have, it makes up for a futon in the opposite direction. It’s all about choosing the best suitable for your needs.