Ruby O Fee Biography


Ruby O Fee is an actress who is German-born. She is also known as Ruby Moonstone. She is an international award-winning actress. She began her career in the late nineteen sixties in Germany and is well-known for her work in horror films. She has a number of awards and accolades to her name and is an ardent advocate of the arts. 

Before coming to the United States, Fee has built up an impressive acting resume in Germany. She appeared on three episodes of Tatort, the German version of Law & Order. She was also a regular on 13 Hours, a popular drama series. In the 2010 film Womb, she played a teenage version of Eva Green’s character.

Who Is Ruby O Fee?

If you’re wondering who Ruby O Fee is, you’re not alone. This German actress is known for her role in the film The Exorcist. She’s also known by her stage name, Ruby Moonstone. The actress is one of the most popular actresses in Germany.

The actress was born Roby Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee. Although her parents remain anonymous, she is of German and Tico descent. She studied at the Bela Bartok Music School and started her acting career in Brazil at the age of sixteen. She has been a part of countless movies and TV shows.

After graduating from Bela Bartok Music School, Ruby O Fee moved to Berlin, Germany. She began studying music, but decided to pursue a career in acting after graduating. Her current boyfriend, German actor Matthias Schweighofer, is an artist and filmmaker. She previously dated Joaquim Lopes.

The actress was born in a jungle wooden hut in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her parents were the only people present during her birth, though they haven’t been publicly revealed. Although her mother is German, her biological father was born in England. She is a Christian and spent her childhood in Germany and Brazil. Since 2008, Ruby O Fee has been living in Berlin, Germany with her boyfriend Matthias Schweighofer.

After being recognized for her role as Sophie Kellermann in “Alone against the tent” in 2011, Ruby O Fee has been active on the movie and television scene. She also appeared in the acclaimed film, Womb, which was co-starring Eva Green and Matt Smith. These early projects placed her on the radar of many producers and led to more roles and opportunities.

Ruby O Fee is a model

She is also known as Ruby Moonstone. She has a German accent and has appeared on German television shows such as The Bachelorette – Germany. She is the daughter of a fashion designer. Her brother is an actor named Ruben Moonstone.

In 2010, she starred in a German-American action film called “Polar,” which starred Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. She also starred in a documentary called “The Invisibles”, which tells the story of the silent heroes of the Holocaust. In addition to her acting career, she has appeared in the TV movie “Nanny Desperately Wanted” based on the novel by Rosamunde Pilcher.

Ruby O Fee is a follower of Christ

Ruby O Fee is a famous German actress, model, television personality, and Instagram star. Born in 1996, she has been active in the entertainment industry for a number of years. She made her acting debut at the age of 14, and has since appeared on numerous magazine covers. She also has won numerous awards for her roles in films and television series.

Ruby O. Fee is a follower of Christ, and has a Christian background. She was born in Brazil, but her family moved to Germany when she was 12. After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue a career in acting, which she believes fulfills her childhood dream. Today, she is a well-known actress, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.