Prepare Your Power Equipment for the Upcoming Season with These Tips!


Spring has officially sprung and summer is just around the corner! It’s time to get your power equipment ready for the impending warm weather, so that you can get outside and enjoy all that the summertime has to offer. Here are some tips to help you prepare and maintain your power tools before summer arrives.

Start small

Before you begin, make sure your equipment has been cleaned and is in good working order. Inspect paddles, seats and handlebars for cracked or damaged parts—if you notice any issues that need to be addressed, contact customer service. Of course, if you are purchasing new equipment from a reputable manufacturer, you should have everything you need to get started. In any case, even if everything looks great—go ahead and give it a thorough cleaning. You’ll never regret taking a few extra minutes to ensure your customer satisfaction levels are high before launching into your maiden voyage.

A little maintenance goes a long way

Maintenance doesn’t just extend your power equipment’s lifespan; it improves customer satisfaction and prevents breakdowns. Things like cleaning your mower blade, checking tire pressure, cleaning out debris from areas under deck and making sure that gas caps are firmly secured will prolong a product’s life by as much as 50%. You might think that taking care of power equipment is unnecessary or not worth the time, but it has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. So give your power equipment a little TLC (and ask your customers if they would mind if you did) by using these tips to prevent issues from developing.

Buy quality equipment

Just as you wouldn’t buy a luxury sedan and then drive it off-road, don’t buy equipment that’s not designed to handle your tasks. It may seem like a good deal to grab that cultivator that was only used once last summer but if you plan to use it on your grass all season, you may quickly find yourself with an unreliable or damaged machine. A better idea is to buy quality outdoor power equipment from Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment in San Antonio and get one built for all-season service. Their new line of machines has been rigorously tested and is ready to withstand your home maintenance needs throughout spring, summer and fall.

Clean up after using your tools

When using power tools and other machinery, be sure to clean up after yourself. This can mean anything from cleaning off your workbench to washing any dishes you used. Not only will a cleaner workspace make a better impression on clients or colleagues when they come over, but it will also cut down on things like dust and dirt getting into your machinery and shortening their life expectancy. Using quality products such as Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment can ensure that any power equipment you’re working on is protected. It’s not just important to keep your space clean; having clean machines is an essential part of keeping them in top shape.

Don’t let your tools overheat

Whether you’re using a lawnmower, snowblower, or chainsaw, make sure to keep your equipment in top shape by storing it in an area that doesn’t overheat. Doing so will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. If you live in an area that experiences extended heat waves or experience particularly hot summer days, you might want to consider investing in a shade-producing canopy for protection. Look into Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment Company today if you’d like assistance finding tools and other products that are designed to help with your power-equipment needs.

Protect your hearing

Always wear hearing protection when operating a power tool. In fact, you should consider wearing earplugs, muffs and/or earmuffs all day every day to avoid irreversible damage that could cost thousands of dollars later in life. Even if it seems like you’re not using your tools enough to warrant all that gear, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, you won’t miss what you can’t hear!

Learn about the new products on the market

Each year, new and improved products are released to help you maintain a clean and beautiful yard. Before you buy anything, take some time to do your research. Talk to friends and neighbors that have tried different lawn equipment products and see what they recommend. Read online reviews to find out what other consumers have said about different brands of lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers or hedge trimmers. You can also consult online forums where gardeners ask questions and share their experiences. The more educated you are about potential purchases, the better equipped you’ll be when making your final selection of which product is best for your lawn care needs.