Opt for These Points in Your Divorcee Matrimonial Wedding

Divorcee matrimonial

Are you also nervous about your second wedding? Well, these points can completely deal with your cluelessness about divorcee matrimonial celebrations. Keep reading to find out!

Divorce is still treated as a taboo in India. Many people, especially women are subjected to lifelong compromises and subjugation. Isn’t it better to just come out of this compromised matrimony instead of bearing it for life? 

However, many of us still find it hard to devour and instead choose to bear the incompatible companion for life. So, kudos to those men and women who actually dare to step out of a bad marriage or an unhappy state of mind. We understand it would have taken a hell lot of effort and rejection from society. But if you are already over it, follow these points to ensure nothing goes bad in your Divorcee matrimonial celebrations. 

Do Nothing Less than You Want

If you want a grand second marriage, Go for it! It is already time to embrace your happiness after going through all the hardships and bad days for years. No one other than you have suffered pain. So, no one other than you have the right to interfere in your happiness. 

Thus, stop listening to your head and do everything your heart wants. Plan grand matrimony, do all the shopping, wear anything you want, and laugh your heart out. Not because you have to show or prove something to someone but because you deserve it all. Though people might advise you for a lowkey celebration but do it only if you want it that way. So, if a simple wedding soothes you go for it, if not, go for anything YOU like.

Don’t Let Negativity Surrounds You

You will get mixed reactions from people over your second marriage decision. But it is entirely on you, how you deal with it. Make a pact with yourself to stay positive and focused on your decision to choose the life you want. It is really hard to please everyone. So, please yourself.

However, if you ever get overwhelmed with emotions, talk to your spouse, let it out and everything will be sorted. Also, you will get a chance to measure your compatibility and judge his/her handling skills, right before the marriage. 

Meet Him/Her Frequently

You don’t want your second marriage to end in divorce as well. So, check compatibility with your partner on all grounds. Obviously, it is not possible in one or two meetings and assuming they are one. Examine you and your partner’s connection thoroughly and meet their family as well.

It is imperative to know what his/her family has to say about you or this divorcee matrimony. You need to see every aspect of this new relationship before going further with it. Weigh it from 360 degrees and go ahead if you are all prepared for this.

Honesty and openness are the keys

People bring forth too many expectations and scars from their first marriage. So, it is imperative that you stay honest and open about your choices and priorities before your Divorcee matrimonial wedding. Tell your would-be souses everything about your past life, which is necessary for them to know. Discuss all possible points from your marriage that might impact your life afterward. 

Also, embrace the role of step-parents for your new partner’s children. However, it is not possible to love their child as your own in the beginning. But gradually trying for it will make a big difference and fill your lives with happiness and pleasure. Though if you are not ready to take on these additional responsibilities, don’t go ahead with this idea. Your partner is most likely to hate you for treating their children differently and also the innocent hearts will be doomed for life.

So, these are some of the points you can try anticipating before going for the divorcee matrimonial wedding. Though there is no hard and fast rule for a successful second marriage. But it can all go good if you have share the best understanding with your partner.