How to Get Free Textbooks In College


Trying to buy books on the cheap? Here are some tried-and-true strategies for getting free textbooks for college.

College textbooks are very superfluous, let’s face it.

You eventually come to the realization, halfway through the semester, that you could have completed your classes without the textbook.

You understand what that entails. GIGANTIC MONEY WASTE!

Not to mention that, after tuition, textbooks represent the second-highest cost of attending college.

But what if there was a way to obtain textbooks for college for nothing (or at the very least for dirt cheap) and save tens of thousands of dollars annually?

After reading this, maybe you’ll have discovered a number of options to assist you in getting those exorbitantly priced textbooks for free.

Let’s begin…

How to Get Free Textbooks in College 

Here are 4 methods to obtain free textbooks so you can start your upcoming semester of college with more money in hand:

1) Online Websites

A list of websites having a sizable library of textbooks that may be downloaded, registered for, or read for free can be found below:

  • Library Genesis
  • Gutenberg
  • Ebookee
  • Manybooks
  • 20200k
  • Freetextbooks
  • Bookfi

Library Genesis is arguably the largest and most convenient online platform for finding free textbooks. 

2) Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic method for college students to communicate, network, save money, and exchange information.

There are several Facebook groups for your particular institution or university that are created specifically for the local buying, selling, and exchanging of textbooks.

Look up the name of your college and the phrase “textbooks” before your next semester. There’s a good chance you’ll locate a lively community that exchanges textbooks.

You don’t need the book in brand-new, pristine condition, I assure you. You can get away with buying an old copy because you won’t be using it very often (depending on the class).

Most students sell their textbooks for less than $10 if you can’t get them absolutely free in Facebook groups. For books that may cost more than $200, that is a great deal.

Pro tip: In certain Facebook groups, students offer study materials or notes for specific subjects that would ensure A grades. If you get an A on your notes, you can also sell them.

3) Friends

Using your friend group to everyone’s advantage is key to succeeding in college. Here are a few things friends can help with:

  • Splitting the workload
  • Sharing test answers
  • Sharing studying advice and study guides
  • Doing assignments at the same time
  • Recommendations for future classes

Additionally, sharing textbook costs with friends or passing along old textbooks can significantly save you money!

Profit from the chance and obtain your textbooks from friends, pooled expenses, and other friend-related sources.

Your best strategy is to make friends in particular classes because they are sure to require the same materials as you do. Find out whether they are prepared to discuss textbook usage.

They could even agree to let you use the book for nothing in exchange for taking images of it.

4) SolutionInn

If you haven’t heard of SolutionInn before, you’re missing out!

SolutionInn is an online platform that allows you to find textbooks based on name, author, ISBN, etc., and get free answers to everything inside.

The best part is, you can order and get those free textbooks delivered to your home. Yes absolutely free! Even they don’t charge the delivery fee! 

If you are in classes that require you to answer questions inside of a textbook, check if SolutionInn has your book to get all the answers. 

Final Thoughts

Please refrain from purchasing textbooks if you can avail them other ways in a cheaper way. It’s a complete waste of money that might be used for other worthwhile endeavors.

I can absolutely promise that if these tools have helped me save the equivalent of $3,000 in textbooks, they can also help you save money.

Unexpected fun fact: The average cost to publish a $200 textbook is only $6!

Why do universities charge such high rates for textbooks when publishing them only costs them 3% of the overall cost? The obvious response is that colleges need your funding.

But if we can’t solve the issue right away, we should at least try to save money by obtaining textbooks for nothing. Free textbooks to use? Look at SolutionInn!