How do you see Spotify plays?

How do you see Spotify plays?

Whether you’re a listener or an artist, you might wish to check a song’s total stream or play count on Spotify. I researched the best methods for doing so and wrote about them here.

Go to the artist’s Spotify profile and look under the “Popular” section for the tracks to check Spotify streams. Signing up and connecting to Spotify For Artists allows artists to see their Spotify streams in any way.

If you are not the artist, you can only see the total play counts or streams of songs listed in the “Popular” section. Unless you are the artist and have access to the Spotify For Artists dashboard, you will not be able to get total play numbers anyplace else.

How to Check Spotify’s Play Counts

Whether you have a listener profile or an artist profile, there are two primary ways to view play numbers on Spotify.

Listener profiles are the free or premium versions of Spotify that you use to listen to and discover music on the Spotify app or web browser.

When you publish and release music on Spotify, you use artist profiles to manage your tracks and monitor your metrics.

First, we’ll look at the most basic method for determining how many times a song has been played on Spotify.

When you watch a video, you are considered a listener.

Follow these instructions to see how many times a song has been played on Spotify:

#1 – Launch the Spotify app or go to the Spotify website.

#2 – Use a search engine to find the artist you’re looking for.

#3 – Go to the artist’s official website.

#4 – You’ll notice play counts to the right of each song in the “Popular” section.

At the time of writing, the play counts of songs that appear in the “Popular” section of an artist’s profile are the only ones that can be seen.

You won’t be able to check play counts for songs that aren’t in the “Popular” section. 

There is, however, a way to see the play counts of your songs if you are an artist.

If you watch a play, you are considered an artist.

Artists can use the Spotify For Artists dashboard to see play numbers and stream counts for any of their tracks. The Spotify For Artists dashboard contains a wealth of helpful information and data.

In addition to being able to monitor stream and play numbers, Emily White, Spotify’s Artists Product Manager, says in an interview that:

“The most essential feature of Spotify for Artists is access to data that allows you to better understand who and where your audience is, as well as which songs are most popular with listeners.” Spotify’s Emily White

How Can I See My Spotify Listening Activity?

Spotify saves a record of your listening habits, which you can immediately access from the app on your phone or computer. You can see you’ve recently played playlists and podcasts immediately on the home screen or dive a little deeper to see your entire listening behavior over the last several months.

What is the perfect way to view my Spotify history on my phone?

By scrolling down on your phone’s home screen, you can see your most recent Spotify playlist and podcast history. Your music listening history is stored somewhere else. On both iPhone and Android, it works the same way.

Thus, n an Android or iPhone, follow these steps to see your Spotify history:

  1. Open Spotify and go to the Home tab.
  2. In the upper right corner, tap the clock icon.
  3. Touch the screen and drag it up to see more of your account.
  4. Tap To see all the songs you listened to on a particular day, go to all xx played.
  5. To see all the music you heard that day, touch the screen and drag it up, or use the back button to check a different day.

On the desktop app, how do I see my Spotify history?

You may also check your listening history with the Spotify desktop app. A shortlist of recent listening history is shown on the main screen, and an expanded list is available in the queue area.

Thus, on the desktop app, here’s how to access your Spotify history:

  1. In the bottom right corner, click the queue button.
  2. Select the option “Recently played.”
  3. In the window, you’ll see your listening history.
  4. How to Get a List of Your Most Recent Podcasts and Playlists

Spotify has made it even more convenient to keep track of your most recent playlists and podcasts. Both the mobile and desktop apps have a recently played section on the home screen that lists your most recent playlists and podcasts, with the desktop app allowing you to view the entire collection from there. This alternative is perfect if you want to see playlists and podcasts, not individual songs.

So, here’s how to find your most recent Spotify playlists and podcasts:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Spotify app’s home screen.
  • SEE ALL can be found in the Recently played section.
  • This tab displays all recently played playlists and podcasts.

How to Increase the Number of Spotify Streams

Spotify is so great that they’ve created a slew of tools for artists to naturally boost their streams (and money) within the platform.

Thus, they did it by making two types of playlists:

  • Playlists created by the Spotify algorithm
  • Editorial playlists on Spotify
  • Getting your song on any of these sites will dramatically improve the number of streams it receives.


Is it possible to know how many times a song has been played on Spotify?

What a great question! So, Spotify does not track how many times you’ve listened to a song. If a piece appears in your “On Repeat” playlist, it’s a solid indication that you’ve heard it several times.

What is the best way to know how much time I’ve spent listening to music on Spotify?

Another excellent query! Spotify does not display how much time you have spent listening to music on the platform. However, you may acquire this information by connecting your Spotify account to a service like Last.FM (starting from the date that you join the service).