Top 5 Google Search Ranking Keyword Factors for SEO in 2024


There are over 200 ranking signals that are used to rank various search terms on Google. But, some of them are the major contributors to this. Find out the top five major ranking signals that will help you get your desired keywords in Google.

While there are many articles on the topic of goals and not just keywords, a lot of companies remain focused in ranking the keywords. There’s a good reason behind that. Certain keywords are extremely effective for delivering amazing results, and can make the predefined goals to even greater. If you’re also interested in making your keywords appear in the top positions on the search engine page (SERP) and you are looking for a way to do that, this blog post will prove to be extremely helpful to you.

This blog post concentrates upon the signals used to rank used in Google. Google use AdSense and AdX, two digital advertising platforms, to monetize content. Google is among the most frequently used search engines, and its quality metrics are superior to others. This guide will assist you in ranking your keywords in many search engines, as well.

More than 200 rank signals are available within Google according to SEO experts, and in the context of numerous interviews and declarations made in the past by Google representatives. We will find out the top 5 most important ranking signals within Google.

1. Content

When it comes to SEO content is most important factor. You’ve probably seen this phrase a few times and it’s the final truth. There are a few key points that you should remember:

  • Content should not be copied
  • Content should be original
  • Content shouldn’t be stuffed with keyword-stuffed content.
  • Content shouldn’t be tied to the amount of words
  • Content should adhere to SEO best practices for content writing

In short, concentrate on creating content that is of high quality. Make sure to write about interesting topics and pay attention to giving justice to it. According to some data, content that is between 1800 and 2000 words is ranked on the top spots. It is because it is able to be a complete overview of the subject and provide a deeper understanding of the subject.

2. Backlinks

For those who are new to SEO Backlinks are the hyperlinks that link to your website. That is If someone creates an article and includes your site’s link in that article, it’s considered to be a backlink to your website. In simpler terms it’s considered to be votes given to your website by other users.

It’s one of the factors most influential which can help your site rank higher. Quality content can help you gain more backlinks and mentions for informational reasons.

You should perform all white-hat SEO techniques to get the most backlinks you can. Additionally, if you’re trying to rank a keyword and you are able to make use of the anchor text for the keyword to create backlinks, this will help you increase the ranking of that keyword and move it to the highest spots.

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3. Factors on the page

There are a variety of on-page factors that are considered as a part of Google to rank a site. In reality, prior to placing a website on the search engine the site is viewed by Google to include the site into their database, the procedure is known as crawling and indexing. The most crucial internet-related factors are listed below:

  • Domain age
  • Webspam Score of the Domain
  • Title
  • Meta description
  • URL structure
  • Internal Links
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Robots.txt
  • Header tags
  • Navigations
  • And much more

4. User experience

One of the most crucial aspects that a website should concentrate on, not just to make Google Search Ranking Keyword more prominent however, to improve goal conversion rates is user experience. In fact, by 2021, Google will make it an even more prominent as a factor in Google. Here are a few aspects you must be aware of to provide a an improved user experience

  • The website should load quickly. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds before loading the initial page.
  • It must be mobile-friendly. This means that whether a user visits a site on a computer or on a smartphone, he should experience the same user experience.
  • Content should be simple to comprehend by users.
  • Navigation must be simple.
  • Visitors should always be able to go return to previous pages as well as on to the home page.
  • Labels on the site need to be simple to read.
  • Visitors need to interact with the website by taking longer time on a particular page or scrolling through many pages, for example.
  • In essence your website must be easy to navigate and elegant. Don’t be so imaginative that people don’t get it and then leave.

5. Brand signals

Many SEO firms ignore this ranking signal. However, be aware that this signal is important to know about it. The term “brand signal” in plain terms refers to the use of your brand’s name by other people. It is the number of times individuals mention your brand on various websites or platforms can make an impact. It indicates the recognition of your company as an entity. So, it is important to invest in the creation of an image for your business.


There are more than 200 ranking factors, and it’s possible that additional ranking factors that will be introduced by Google in the coming years. These five are the most important factors that will assist you in achieving higher rankings. One of the most important things to be aware of is that all these ranking indicators are connected to each other. For instance, if your content is high quality, people will talk about your company name and give the backlink. If your content is of high quality and your website loads quickly and is responsive, more visitors will interact with your site. This means that you should focus on top-quality results and results-oriented digital marketing.

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