Family Island Cheats Unlimited Rubies for Android and IOS in 2022


Family Island Cheats: Join a modern Stone Age family as they take you to a world full of amazing adventures. What would you do if modern technology were removed from your life? You could explore new places, build homes, or entire towns, produce food, and even reach new lands.

Including the Family Island game’s characters, you have the chance to spend time on a desert island in which you can try out a range of positions, like farming, cooking, traveling, merchanting, and much more.


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Family Island Cheats, Tips & Guide:

You have to complete the tasks that the characters in the Family Island game have posted on the left side of the screen. The games pay you with superstars that you need to level up, energy, gemstones, and other items of value as you finish tasks.

When you move through the game’s stages, more buildings and decorations become available to buy in the markets. Each value created for the family created a unique pleasure, such as serving food over a fireplace. Additionally, offer it at lunch. We have included Family Island cheats, tips, and a complete beginner’s guideline in this article.

Cheats for Family Island: Grade Awards

Right now, Family Island’s highest level is somewhere about 30. New items become unlocked at each level.

  • Stage 1: Clover, a tuft of grassland, wood, roots, rock, and logs think up.
  • Stage 2: Salty, Wiry, and Cooked Roots
  • Stage 3: Egg and Remover
  • Stage 4: Horse Food, Grass, and Cover.
  • Stage 5: Awards
  • Stage 6: Silver Pickaxe, Gold Key, Golden Shovel, and Silver Saw.
  • Stage 7 consists of bird food, grain, wings, eggs, fried eggs, and a local island.
  • Stage 8: Tiles, Diamond, Stone I, Gold Island, Fir Cylinders
  • Stage9: Mud, Bone, Golden
  • Stage 10: Fire, Clay Basket
  • Stage 11: Tomatoes and Water
  • Stage 12: Sun Island, Poison, and the Knife
  • Stage13: Needle, Gold Mine, Purple Island, Unstable Island 
  • Stage 14: Glass and wire
  • Stage 15: Vegetables, onion, and knives
  • Stage 16: Resin 
  • Stage17: Buttermilk, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and a Mud Pot
  • Stage 18: Stone, Shampoo, Wheel of Luck, Burn
  • Stage 19: Soup, Bread, Cheese, Stairs, Head, and Complete Tiles
  • Stage 20: Carbon and silver
  • Stage 21: Wood Island, Base Metals, and Reddish
  • Stage 22: Coal, Diamond
  • Stage 23: Warm Cheese Soup and Onions
  • Stage 24: Wool, Bag Cloth, and Clips
  • Stage 25: Bottle, Banana Leaves, Palm Log, and Lonely Island make up Stage 25.
  • Stage 26: Blue Variables, Blue Mineral, Blue Paint, and Blue Beads
  • Stage 27: The Rock Wall 
  • Stage 28: Forest Island, Paint, Wood, Bonfire, and Rubber
  • Stage 29: Rooftop coverings
  • Stage 30: Livestock Brick, wheat, bread, and burgers 

Cheats for Family Island: Premium Cheats

Begin by removing fairly large and blue mining stones with the assistance of a shopkeeper.

  • Obtained through trade with Healer Button-Healer Sale
  • Lamps, shamans, chests, houses, and flames
  • Sell with a healer, roots, boxes, houses, and three-saw trees for light.
  • Wings: the chicken masterpiece, chicks, and coffees
  • Reduce the stones, and sell them to the trader for rock, mud, pearl, and a gem.
  • Skeleton: trade with the healer for fire buckets, chests, or roots.
  • Stone; fire pans, chests, roots, or healer connections

Free Gems Cheats for Family Island:

With the help of this guide, you can cheat on Family Island and get enough free gems to create the most beautiful island home for the Stone Age family. Become creative and start planting to gather resources and grow food for your family while applying cool old techniques. Produce crops and make effective items to trade with other game characters. With our Family Island online cheat codes, you can improve your buildings and cook delectable meals as your game progresses.

Family Island Cheats & Hacks For Mobile phones:

There haven’t been any Family Island iPhone or mobile cheats or hacks offered. There’s no cheat key entry and no way to get into this game. On the internet, there are numerous sites that provide cheats and secret keys. We suggest you avoid visiting these pages. To get all the items and earn free energy, read over the instructions above.

Cheats for Family Island: Unique Item List:

Perform trade transactions to obtain gold keys. Well, how to receive lamps, fulfill Shaman’s tasks, from the chest, and gifts.

How and where to gather grasses: regularly replace on islands, organic matter, or grain; chances of getting grass how to collect shells: through prizes earned by performing the trader’s demands, from chests and seashells, as well as from the playground, which is unlocked at level 13. Salty can be earned by completing orders for Healer, from chests or starfish (low rates), or gift bundles.

Plant on trees to get fir nuts.

  • Fill on the home island regularly to obtain clay.
  • Sunny Island’s toxic plants produce acid.
  • Follow orders for a healer from an old cottage to get the magical 8 ball.
  • Produced in iron to make plastic.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Q1: Could there be a Family Island cheat code?

Ans: There aren’t any Family Island iOS or Android cheats or hacks available. This game cannot be hacked, and no cheat codes may be used.

Q2: How can you obtain the golden weapon on Family Island?

Ans: On Home Island or a few event islands, you can find them in lockers. The keys that you can buy from the shopkeeper are used to unlock lockers. In the game, unique items can be killed with gold things. You will receive power and valuable materials from them.