Delicious Traditional Food in Qatar – Try and Experience It


Qatar, among the best Middle Eastern nations, is undoubtedly culinary heaven. Food has played a significant role in Qatari culture and is a unifying force among its citizens. Food is always a major topic, whether it is during celebrations, social events, or any other kind of event. When it comes to traditional cuisine is concerned, Qatar has a lot to offer.

Therefore, when taking a trip to Qatar, you must look for the cheapest Rent car in Doha. So that you can easily roam around the city and enjoy the traditional cuisine, let us explore it thoroughly to learn more about Qatari cuisine.

  1. Baleelat
  2. Kousa Mahshi
  3. Kunafa With Cheese
  4. Thareed
  5. Umm Ali

1.    Baleelat

The best Qatari cuisine will be a delightful treat for you. Qatar blends its rich tradition and culture through its kindness, openness, and hospitality. As a result of its origins, the dish has comparable flavors and tastes while also being distinctive. Baleelat is a popular traditional Qatari breakfast that draws tourists from all over the world. In addition, it is frequently offered as a dessert to show off the variety of delicious foods.

When a dish is first served, whether hot or cold, it may appear weird. But as soon as you take a mouthful, the tastes explode in your mouth. Bounce off your tongue, and give you a wonderful taste you have never had before.

2.    Kousa Mahshi

Among the most wonderful Middle Eastern dishes is called Kousa Mahshi, which is prepared with lamb mince, veggies, parsley, and mint. It is one of the finest vegetarian recipes made with chickpeas rather than lamb. Even further enhances the dish’s flavors by using tomato paste or yoghurt. One might visit Salwa RD in Doha if they are in the mood for this Middle Eastern dish. People can have a one-of-a-kind experience at Al Shami Home Restaurant. The eatery is well-known for its authentic Berber tent, fabric suspended from the ceiling, and marble fountain. It comes in huge servings and with various flavors.

3.    Kunafa With Cheese

Among the most popular Middle Eastern sweets, Kunafa with cheese causes people to drool and crave more after just one bite. It has ascended to the head of Doha’s Qatari cuisine with certain flavor additions. It is among the dishes that are frequently consumed during Ramadan. People will be taken to paradise or, more accurately, taken on a voyage through the realm of sweets when they think about biting into a treat covered in sugar and melting cheese.

Each year, individuals can treat themselves to this delicacy. One of the venues in Doha where people may treat themselves to a Kunafa is Al Aker Sweets while visiting Souq Waqif.

4.    Thareed

There are many mouthwatering foods in the Middle East that foreigners and tourists may not be familiar with. However, this is where Qatar’s beauty began. It would help if you enjoyed the cuisine here because it embodies the warmth and cultural traditions of the nation. One of the most traditional dishes available in Qatar is Thareed. Thareed is made from a mixture of vegetables, roots, and meat from various animals, like a pot of stew. The bread served with this well-known Qatari dish absorbs all the fluids and provides a mouthful. However, this dish is frequently referred to as lasagna made in Qatar.

5.    Umm Ali

The finest dessert in Qatar is called Umm Ali, and it is made with raisins, diced buts, and condensed milk and is baked until it is golden and crispy on top. Alongside Karaki, a sweet Karak tea, Umm Ali has established a reputation for its pastries and desserts. The delicious creamy filling contains dried fruit as well as a variety of spices. What more could a person want when treating their tongue among the most natural deserts? Most people’s dream has been to experience this kind of food continuously.