Commercial Photography Pricing | Things to Need to Know

commercial photography pricing

Are you going to take pictures of the products? Are you worried that you won’t have enough money to finish the project?

If so, you should read this post. It tells you everything you need to know about how much commercial photography pricing and will help you make a budget that takes into account all the costs that come with outsourcing product photography.

5 Things That Affect The Price of Product Photography

The service provider’s price quote for your product photography project will be most affected by the following five things:

1. The Project’s Location:

The most important decision that you have to make when planning your business or project is where your products or things will be photographed: at your business (distribution center, warehouse, store, or office) or at the product photography services studio. When it comes to pricing, product photography that takes place at your place or business is priced differently than those that take place at the service provider’s photography studio.

2. The Number of Items in Each Category: 

Usually, the price per image decreases as the number of products in each category increases. All of this comes down to economies of scale. If you have a lot of products in one category, the photographer only has to set up once and can quickly take pictures of many products. This means that each image will cost less. On the other hand, if you only have a few items in each category, the photographer will have to change the way the camera and lights are set up, which can slow down production. This means that your product photography rates per picture will go up.

3. The Number of Images Per Product:

Once the product is ready to be photographed, and the first picture is taken, it takes less time to take more pictures because the product is already ready to be photographed and in the hands of the photographer. Because of these things, if more images are needed for each product, the average price per picture will be lower.

4. Types of Products: 

The product photography pricing is largely determined by the types of products that need to be scanned. If your products are small and easy to make, like a coffee mug, they will be easier to photograph and edit, so the price per image will be lower. If your products have a lot of parts or are big and heavy, like furniture or sports gear, they will be harder and take longer to photograph, so each image will cost you more.

5. How You Use Images:

You might use your product images for basic marketing like an electronic catalog or an e-commerce site, or you might use them for more specialized marketing like high-end print ads. How the photos are edited and how the products are photographed will depend on how they will be used in the end. If you need specialized marketing images, you can expect to pay a lot more per picture. 

These are some things by which commercial photography pricing is affected.