Are your child’s toothy smile worrying you? Experts say each child from India suffers from cavities that, when not treated, can result in severe dental issues and may even hinder the growth of the kid. As per the US National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research 42% of kids aged between the ages of 2 and 11 get cavities in their primary teeth, and 28% of children between 2 and 5 have at minimum one tooth cavity.


Cavities are a term used to describe tooth decay that is caused when the enamel (outer layer of teeth) is damaged. It happens because bacteria in the form of plaque react with sugary food items to create acidic substances that attack the enamel and cause it to break down. Dental plaque can be described as the slimy, sticky substance comprised of germs that cause tooth decay. it adheres to teeth and can cause tooth decay by eating away at the enamel.

“Cavities are more prevalent among children. Because of poor eating habits and oral hygiene, the formation of dental plaque occurs frequently in the teeth of children. If your child is suffering from pain in their teeth and pits or holes are visible, this is an indication of a cavity. In the absence of treatment, it can cause tooth loss and the decay of teeth’s internal parts,” says Lt Gen Dr, Pacific Smiles Dental.

Children’s Research Institute

In fact, a new study conducted by the University of Melbourne and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia has found that environmental factors can also be the cause of increased risk for cavities. All of this, according to Dr. Arora is a reason for parents to be aware of different aspects of the issue and the fact that it’s an often preventable and common disease. The presence of cavities in permanent and baby teeth can be painful and hinder children from speaking, eating, or sleeping effectively. It is crucial to safeguard the primary (baby) teeth as well as permanent teeth.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants protect teeth, especially when children are the most prone to dental decay. It’s less costly than filling. In contrast, fluoride varnish is a thick, solid liquid applied to the teeth using a small disposable brush. It improves the strength of tooth enamel and helps to prevent decay in the teeth,” says Dr who is the Deputy Zonal Head of Clinical for  Pacific SmilesDental.

Dental plaque and tooth decay are not something you should ignore especially for children, as it gets worse with age and may cause oral health problems. In addition to giving your child healthy oral hygiene habits like regularly brushing their teeth as well as keeping them away from eating a lot of sweets, and feeding them healthy and balanced meals, it’s essential to see the Pacific Smiles dentist regularly and have their dental cavity examined.