Can A Car Hitting a Pothole Damage Tires?


The officials and citizens of every country are highly concerned about road safety. Since accidents and other mishaps are regularly increasing on the roads, every government authority focuses on creating new policies, laws, and safety nets for citizens.

In Dubai, people can call the newly launched toll-free number in an emergency. They can report road conditions, accidents they witness, potholes on the road, and any other urgent situation.

Potholes are an annoyance in the UAE since they damage tyres and other elements of the car. As a result, there are no alternative views on whether striking a pothole can harm tyres and vehicles. So, let’s first explore how potholes arise before going through the kind and extent of the damage.

What Are The Causes Of Potholes?

Nobody likes to have their tyres damaged by a pothole. A flat tyre is the typical tyre damage caused by potholes. Flat tyres are a major hassle, even if they are inexpensive to fix. In addition, they may harm the tyre’s sidewall, necessitating tyre replacement. They may also cause a tyre to blow out immediately upon collision if the pressure is significant. In addition to being expensive, a tyre blowout is quite risky.

The tire’s internal structure might potentially be harmed. However, it might be tricky to see interior damage. As a result, if you strike a pothole hard, take your car to repair to have the tyres examined.

Components Affected By Potholes

These potholes on the road can severely damage your vehicle and give you an uncomfortable and unpleasant driving experience. Here are some of the most important car parts that can be damaged.

  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Engine

Several other minor parts can be damaged as well. Here we will identify the cause and effect of the pothole damages.

1.    Tires

Potholes are an unavoidable fact of life. No matter how developed a nation is, potholes can appear everywhere, as was previously said. They develop because of soil displacement or weakening beneath the roadway or pavement.

The soil that supports the pavement may be moved by precipitation or snow, and as automobiles pass over these spots, the pavement starts to fracture or distort. As a result, the pothole, sometimes referred to as a hole in the road, develops over time. Additionally, potholes get bigger if automobiles keep hitting them. The larger size may be harmful to your car and its tyres. So for a better driving experience, always choose the correct tires for your car. You can also look for tyres in Sharjah for better quality.

2.    Wheels

The wheel may suffer damage from quick contact, bending or even cracking. Depending on the extent of the damage, restoration might be quite expensive. Sometimes it is impossible to fix, necessitating a much more expensive replacement. You should not disregard a broken or bent wheel since it might impair the vehicle’s performance.

3.    Suspension

Vehicle suspension damage from potholes is not unusual. Impact absorption is a feature of the suspension. But potholes may harm it and cause issues, such as broken ball joints, alignment issues, damaged shocks, etc.

The automobile may pull in one direction due to a broken suspension. The car’s capacity to dampen hits will also be greatly reduced, making for incredibly unpleasant driving dynamics. Sometimes it might be difficult to spot suspension deterioration. Therefore, speak with a specialist for cars.

4.    Exhaust

Car damage from potholes may be explained in terms of bottom damage. A pothole can damage the car’s underside and cause damage to the catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust system. Based on the power of the incident, the exhaust system may sustain damage or hole. In addition, the exhaust system may be damaged by a power loss or annoying sounds.

A damaged exhaust poses a severe health risk by allowing harmful pollutants to enter the car’s interior. In addition, engine oil leaking may occur due to breakage of the oil pan. Therefore, you face the possibility of severe engine damage if checks or repairs are not made.