Best Practices How to Become a YouTube Gamer

youtube gamer

Choose Equipment and Software

You need to find the best hardware and software to become youtube gamer that will give you the best value for money. Hardware, your channel’s success depends on having the best equipment. Click here, you must ensure it is perfect.

You can be distinguished from hundreds of others in the same industry by having high-quality video and audio.

Video/Camera Recorder

The minimum resolution you should aim at for your videos is 1080p. You don’t need a DSLR or mirrorless camera to record your videos. To record HD video, you can use a webcam or digital camera of good quality.

Mic & Headset

You must also have high-quality video recordings. It is crucial that your audience can hear you. It’s important to invest in a microphone and headset.


A professional can make all the difference between an amateur and a pro. It will be difficult for the audience to connect emotionally with you if you don’t record in well-lit places that allow you to see your face.


A screen recorder and editing software will be helpful.

Screen Recording Software

Using a camera pointed at your screen is impossible to demonstrate your gameplay. Video quality can deteriorate, and audio/video delays can creep in.

Excellent screen recording software is required to broadcast or record your gameplay. Open Broadcaster Software is popular, well-known recording software for YouTube and other social media users.

Video editing software

Make sure you make a video your audience wants to watch. It would help if you avoided blips, long stops, or other distractions that could cause people to lose interest. This is why you need good video editing software. You need a simple, intuitive, and fast video editing program.

Once all is set up, you can start recording and uploading your videos.

Record and upload videos

It takes some time to get comfortable setting up equipment and creating and editing content. Once you are done, your content is ready to go on your channel.

Video Quality

You should upload your video in HD dimensions at a minimum with 1280×720 or 1920×1080.

Video titles

It is important to take the time to create engaging and creative titles for your videos. These titles should be captivating enough to get people to click on your videos and view them.

You don’t have to decide what name to give them. Check out the terms of other gamers.

You can also type something related to your video using the YouTube search bar. YouTube will then give suggestions from a dropdown that could help you select the best titles.

Video Thumbnails

Your thumbnails will be one of your YouTube gaming channel’s most prominent and visible features. YouTube thumbnails can make the difference between success and failure. They directly influence the decision of your audience to click on and view your video.

Spend some time creating compelling and engaging custom thumbnails for all your videos. Hire someone to help you if you don’t have the skills for photo editing. Make sure your thumbnails are visible and use the appropriate fonts and writing.

It is important to keep your thumbnail themes consistent. Use the same fonts, colors, layouts, and style for all your thumbnails. This shows professionalism and quality.

High intensity. Your video thumbnails should create interest and suspense.

After you’re done editing, upload your videos to begin your journey toward growth.

Review the metrics and feedback

When you start your YouTube channel, one of the most important tasks is to decide what kind of content you should continue making and what content you should stop making.

Youtube analytics has hundreds of metrics that can help you decide which videos resonate with your viewers and which ones aren’t.

Analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions. Youtube data is used to help you decide the best course of action. For more:

If a FIFA video showing how to do the trick has received more views than any other video, it may be worth making videos of how to do different tricks.

Your channel will grow if you continue to produce content that appeals to your audience and solves their problems/groups of issues.

You should be paying attention to these metrics when creating your channel.


You will see more viewers if you have more channels. As long as your views keep growing, it is a good thing. Set monthly goals to increase your thoughts. It’s not about the pictures. The quality of your viewers is more important than their quantity as you grow your business.

If a video gets 1000 views and 100 people buy $100 courses, it is worth $10,000. Even though another video has 10,000 views, only ten people buy a system. That video is worth only $1000.

The better is to start early; the more views you get, the better.

Likes and dislikes

Compare which videos are more liked and disliked. Analyzing what your audience wants to watch and what they can help you learn a lot.

The average percentage of people who are watching

Youtube Analytics’ average percentage watched metric is the most important. It shows you how well your videos are getting people to view your videos to the end.

Youtube’s algorithm puts a lot of emphasis on the average number of videos viewed when ranking videos. This is a direct indicator that Youtube’s video quality.

Imagine a group of people going to a movie and then getting bored halfway through. They leave. This would indicate that the film was awful.

YouTube is the same, except that it’s much more difficult for people to stop watching half of your video. Your video’s quality will improve the longer you keep them watching it.


YouTube comments can be a great source of information for discovering your audience’s preferences. You can use this feedback to improve your videos and shape the future of your content.

Add Content Regularly

Consistency is key to growing your subscriber base. YouTube recommends channels that are consistent with their posting.

It is important to establish a regular posting schedule. Your gaming videos should be posted regularly and consistently, so your subscribers know when you expect more. They will become accustomed to your regular posting.

Don’t be surprised to see your subscriber lists stagnate if you take long breaks between postings. Eventually, you will aim to upload 2.

It is time to get more exposure once you post content regularly.

Market Your Channel

Youtube’s algorithm can’t drive traffic to your videos if you don’t pay attention. It is important to market your videos via other marketing channels. This allows you to diversify your video traffic sources so that, for instance, if one traffic source is negatively affected, different traffic sources will pick up the pieces.

Here are some ways you can increase exposure for your channel’s videos.


Post your videos to at least one social media platform.

You can invest a little more in Canva to create posts on multiple social media channels as your channel grows and you begin earning ad revenue.

Collaboration with Youtubers

Collaboration with other YouTubers can help you grow your channel quickly. You can get in front of other channels’ audiences and turn them into your audience.


Please make a video and then turn it into a blog post. Then link to the blog post from your Youtube video. You can rank a blog post on Google search with clever keyword research. This will bring in lots of additional traffic you can redirect to Youtube.


When appropriate, post your videos to forums like Reddit.

Monetize Your Channel

More people will be aware of your channel if you keep creating and publishing content. You will see an increase in subscribers. Once you reach 1,000 subscribers, you are eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. After approval, you can post ads to your videos through the partner program. This is just the beginning of your success. You’ll continue climbing.

Keep in mind that YouTube’s top gaming channels make millions yearly from ad revenue. You can see the potential. You won’t be far behind if you are consistent and sincere in your efforts.

These earnings do not include sponsorships, paid partnerships, or marketing. Let’s find out how we can increase our income.

Earn More Through Sales & Sponsorships

Once you have a large following on your YouTube gaming channel, there are many ways to make more.

If we consider the full earning potential of a channel with many followers and views, ad revenue is only a drop in the ocean. These are the most popular ways to increase your earnings:

Sponsorships for Influencers

You’d be able to approach tech and gaming companies to review their products or increase brand awareness. Every sale made through your code or links will earn you money.

For guestpost: