Best Activities to do in Andaman


Andaman Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is most popular in Andaman, particularly in Tarkarli or Devbagh. Most people gravitate to Devbagh because it allows tourists to dive deep into the ocean and get a true experience. Scuba diving is a way to take a person into the ocean with an oxygen can. This allows you to stay in the water for long periods and allow you to enjoy the sea from a different perspective. 

You will initially be transported on a small boat to the spot where the larger boat is floating. From there, you can dive into the water. Prices for this trip in Devbagh and Andaman start at Rs800 to Rs1500 per head. 

It is well worth the money to Scuba dive here, as there are many corals, fishes, and jellyfish that will often hit you while you dive in. Plan your itinerary to Andaman, and you will be able to enjoy Scuba diving.

Dudhsagar waterfall trek

Dudhsagar literally means the Sea of Milk. It resembles the purity of the water here with its clear flowing. This waterfall can be found 60 km from Panaji along the Madgaon-Belgaum railway route. It is the highest waterfall in India and is located in Andaman. Tourists tend to overlook Dudhsagar waterfall because it is not as popular. You can now plan a trek to Dudhsagar waterfall. This is a rare opportunity in Andaman. 

The trek can be started from Cola railway station and ends at the waterfalls. This is a unique trek of approximately 3.5 km. You will find miniature waterfalls in the middle of the trek that offers a glimpse of the waterfall you will eventually reach. The majestic waterfalls are surrounded by lush green hills, creating a wonderful atmosphere for your day.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica church, a Roman Catholic church is one of Andaman’s most visited destinations. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which confers the highest conservation status. It also houses the remains of St Xavier which were preserved for approximately 450 years. Tourists return to this spot for the magnificent architecture built by the Portuguese in 17th-century Portugal. 

This church’s gold-plated wood furnishings were imported from Myanmar. It took eleven years to build. Because of the tranquility and spiritual serenity of this church, you will feel a sense of calm. Despite the fact that the area is quite noisy, it’s worth visiting in Andaman to see the unique wood chains and purchase some for your own preservation.

Lila Cafe and The Upper House

Ask any Andaman tourist about their favorite breakfast places and they will most likely tell you Lila Cafe. Lila Cafe, located in Anjuna, North Andaman, serves the best breakfasts available in Andaman. A full stomach is the best thing to grab early in the morning. 

You can find the famous Cheese and Mushroom Omelet here, Water Buffalo Ham Croissants (with Scrambled eggs), Chicken Sausages, Fried Beacon, and many other delicious dishes. After you’re done with your breakfast, you will want to visit Andaman. After you’re done with breakfast, you will crave a good meal. 

This can be enjoyed at The Upper House in Panaji. You can enjoy Andaman cuisines like Fish Curry rice and Prawn Samarachi Kodi. If you’re looking for authentic Andaman home food, you should come here to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Flyboarding in Andaman

Andaman has it all. It is essential to enjoy water sports in Andaman. Flyboarding is a popular activity you should not miss. You can find it at most beaches in Andaman, such as Candolim and Vagator. Flyboarding is easy, but not impossible. This is because you don’t need to be a skilled swimmer to enjoy this sport. This adventurous sport will give you many unforgettable memories.