Benefits Of Displaying Social Media Content During The Events

Social Media Content During The Events

You hear everywhere about how effective social media content is for a particular brand. Displaying the social media feeds on a website or a social event takes your business to new heights is a common theme in today’s marketing world. But you are still not sure whether you should go down this road or not. Well, we have something for you!

In this content piece, we have written several benefits that would give you valuable insights into why social media content holds so much importance for brands & businesses. So let’s get straight onto them.

Benefits Of Displaying Social Media Content During The Events

Although the benefits of displaying social media content are multiple, let’s focus on the most important ones in this section.

Builds Social Proof

Authenticity and trust are two aspects that customers look for before investing in a brand. One can design a brilliant product, but gaining people’s trust is challenging, especially if you are a rookie in your market or have little social presence.

Social media content created around your brand in photos, videos, testimonials, and reviews displayed on a social media wall at events gives social proof to the attendees around the brand. The more significant the amount of user-generated content fetched and shown on the screens in real-time, the more it benefits the brand and business. 

Social Media Content Is Customizable 

Include a live social media feed plugin at your event without sacrificing your logo or perfect event color scheme.

Live social feeds can be tailored to your event’s specific requirements. For example, you can customize the color, design, and format of how posts appear in the social stream and avoid duplicate posts and filter the type of content presented. 

Limit posts to certain words or use the profanity filter to prevent spam from appearing in your social feed plugin. In addition, you can display specific social networks on your social wall. You can even sort your social stream by most current, most popular, a combination of the two, or random.

Enables Event Discussions 

Bringing the audience into the conversation would enhance the audience engagement like no other. Events engage their audience through Q&A sessions, key speakers, panel interactions, etc. Social media plays a big part in this. 

You can ask the attendees to post their questions and queries on social media using your event’s hashtag. These questions and queries can then be embedded on the social media wall for the audience to answer, which brings in all the people present at the event. 

The added benefit of this part is that you can discuss a wide range of topics, increase audience engagement and get immense value from the quality discussions.

Offers Memorable Experiences

According to a Sparks survey, guests are more inclined to like, share, and comment on content that features their fellow participants as the center focus. As a result, it’s critical to streamline the process by allowing guests to share their work throughout the event easily.

A photo booth is an easy and enjoyable method to accomplish this. Choose a photo booth with branding and customization options, live casting, and rapid social media sharing. Guests can share branded photos instantaneously while remaining involved in the event experience.

Social media event marketing makes it easier to personally reach out and interact with guests. Attendees’ queries and concerns can be addressed with good monitoring. Social media can also disseminate tools and information such as links and event guides. As a result, guests will be able to access information during a busy conference readily. 

A Great Learning Experience

Event marketers can acquire significant insights into the event’s performance and what attendees gained by incorporating social media at events and efficiently monitoring conversations surrounding them. With more people attending an event, organizers can learn more about their audience and adapt content relevant to them. 

This learning experience can be very beneficial for making your future event even more memorable. 

Buzz And Revenue Generation

Creating a buzz around it should be your topmost priority if you are organizing an event. We have already discussed ways to do it through Q&A sessions, photo booths, gamification activities, etc. 

Now, you can use this user-generated content in diverse ways to enhance your brand’s awareness through a significant social media presence before, during, and after the event.

It also opens up the possibility of direct and indirect revenue generation. For example, sponsorship revenue acts as the direct revenue, and maximum audience engagement and social proof through UGC is the indirect revenue generated. This ensures a higher conversion rate and revenue generation for the brand. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that after this blog, you have understood why embedding social media feeds into your social wall display at events is necessary. So, if now you are looking to create a social media wall, we have a brilliant option for you in Taggbox. Taggbox is the leading user-generated platform and social media aggregation tool with novel customization, personalization, and moderation features. So, try Taggbox to stannd out.