Many people in the fashion world know what a kaftan is, but some don’t really know what it is because the word is used in so many different ways. In this “beginner’s guide to kaftans,” we explain what it means and give you information that helps you understand what this timeless garment stands for.


Kaftans. Since the time of the Ottoman Empire, this word has been used to describe a fancy piece of clothing that is usually worn by royalty. Back then, kaftans with an Ottoman style were made with exotic fabrics and big decorations to show individuality and unique skill. Then, people in the Middle East, parts of Africa, and Russia all wore clothes that looked like tunics. This was a clear sign of how comfortable and stylish this item was, and it has stood the test of time since then.

In the 1970s, the hippie generation and famous people like Elizabeth Taylor wore designer kaftans that were comfortable and had bright prints. Later, this became popular, and well-known designers started including kaftans in their summer collections. This made kaftans, especially beach kaftan dress, a must-have for women who go on vacation and like to hang out at the beach or by a pool. Modern colorful outfits are usually made with bright, colorful, and unique prints that are inspired by traditional West, Southwest, and South Asian cultures. These prints are often combined with on-trend color palettes and styles, and these outfits are no longer just worn at resorts.

Now, we’ll talk about the basics of the kaftan itself and give you some style tips to make wearing one for the first time even easier.


Many of you will worry about getting lost in a kaftan because it looks like it has no set size and makes the most of the fabric. In the past, kaftans were “free size,” but at The Kaftan Company, we have fitted kaftans. This means that you can use the size chart we give you to choose styles from S (Small) all the way up to 3XL. So, your style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for your figure.


In the past, kaftans were usually loose-fitting and meant to be worn at the beach or at home. Since then, as leaders in the field, we’ve added a lot of new categories to help first-time buyers like you find a kaftan that fits your needs. There are Kaftan nightwear, Kaftan loungewear, Kaftan beachwear and resort wear, Kaftan kurtas, Kaftan maternity wear, Kaftan kidswear, Kaftan tunics, Kaftan casual wear, and Kaftan party wear. Basically, a kaftan is a dress that can be worn for any event.

MATERIAL Kaftans are known for being comfortable, so picking the right material can make all the difference in the world. This is why we mostly use the best cotton, viscose, satin, and modal fabrics, which allow for the most comfort and breathability.


Even though the kaftan may look simple at first glance, it is a very versatile piece of clothing. Now, since we make many different kinds of kaftans, make sure to match your style with the right bag, necklace, belt, and shoes, depending on the look you want to create. We promise that there is a kaftan that will go with any style you want to go for.

As you can see, kaftans are easy-to-wear, stylish, and versatile pieces of clothing. As a newcomer to the world of kaftans, we hope to have calmed your fears as a first-time buyer and look forward to your first time wearing a kaftan with us!

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