7 Tips on What to do After a Motorcycle Accident 


Most often people get involved in motorcycle accidents even if they are expert drivers. Many accidents are caused by reasons that are beyond the control of the rider. Not all accidents end up in a horrendous crash but you may sustain minor injuries. 

Regardless of how serious the accident is, you need to know how to deal with the aftermath. There are many things to do from getting treatment to filing for a personal injury claim. 

Here are some things that you need to do after an accident to receive compensation for your loss. 

Ensure Your Safety 

If you are the victim of an auto accident, you may want to confront the other driver immediately. But you should first perform a self-check for injuries. No matter how minor the injury is, you should pay attention to it first. 

You might feel pain only without visible bleeding but it does not mean that you should ignore it. It might lead to a bigger health concern later on.

Stay Calm 

Since emotions run high after an accident, you may panic. Try to stay calm by suppressing your emotions. You may feel the temptation to shout and point fingers at the other party. It causes a scene at the site of the crash. 

Any words that come out of your mouth during this time can affect you negatively. It can be used against you when you file for a claim which may result in dismissal. So try to remain relaxed and choose your words wisely. 

Call Emergency Services

Make sure to call the local police station to inform them about the accident. It will help you create an official report on the accident and help you keep a record. 

Call ambulance services to treat any Injuries sustained at the site of the accident. 

Gather Witness Statements 

You need to gather witnesses to win your car accident claim if you are the victim. If you are severely injured, you can ask someone else to talk to the bystanders. Talk to them to sort out what they saw during the accident. 

Ask them politely and do not exert any pressure. Make sure to record their responses on a smartphone to keep a record of it in case you might need evidence to back your claim.

Capture Photos of the Site

Use your smartphone to capture photos of the accident site. You need solid evidence to prove that the other driver is at fault so don’t rely on your memory. Photos of the scene or notes are more valuable in maximizing your claim settlement award. 

If you want to show evidence to your insurance company for coverage then photos of the scene will be more valid. 

Hire an Experienced Attorney 

Make a smart choice by hiring a car accident attorney who has a record of receiving maximum settlements and favorable jury decisions in motorcycle accident cases. The right lawyer will make sure that you get compensated for your damaged vehicle and any personal injuries. 

Your attorney will know whether you should file for a personal injury claim or concentrate on achieving a maximum settlement on your insurance claim. 

File a Claim 

If you are injured in the accident, then you can contact your health insurance company and file a claim. Be sure to file for a claim on the same day of the accident to protect you from subsequent medical expenses of the accident. 

Filing for a claim early on can help you gather more evidence and get the compensation that you deserve.