Twitch Streamer Veibae


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Twitch streamer Veibae face reveal was born in the United Kingdom. She was brought up in a mixed-ethnicity family. The family has Polish ancestry. Originally, she had long, white hair. In her early days, she wore a pink jumpsuit.

Veibae was introduced to the gaming community in April of 2020, when she started streaming. Since then, she’s grown in popularity and followers. Now, she has over 613k followers on Twitch, with an estimated net worth of $400k.

Veibae specializes in virtual streaming, with a focus on gaming. At the beginning of her career, she used to stream video games like Overwatch and Black Desert Online. Later, she switched to streaming Apex Legends and Cyberpunk.

After becoming a prominent name in the Twitch community, she partnered with a US-based VTuber agency, VShojo.


Veibae is a popular Twitch streamer and virtual YouTuber. She has a huge following in the English and Japanese VTuber communities. Her voice and avatar are loved by fans.

When Veibae was young, she did not know who her parents were. During her debut, she was ill, and was not able to shower. However, she kept her personal life off the Internet. In fact, she did not reveal any details about her age, family, or educational background. This did not affect her career.

It has been estimated that Veibae earns between $160 and $250K per month. Her income depends on how many people watch her videos. Some of her streams are rated 18+.

In addition to her video streams, Veibae is a successful model. She also owns a YouTube channel and has hundreds of thousands of followers.


Twitch streamer Veibae has become an internet star. She is one of the most popular female VTubers in the Japanese VTuber community. She streams mainly for adults and a majority of her content is animated.

Veibae first started streaming on Twitch on 25 July 2015. She later added a Twitter account in September of the same year. Since then, she has over 623k subscribers and almost 1 million followers.

Veibae is a Christian. Her parents are from Japan. She speaks Japanese and English and has a large fan following. Although she is known for her live broadcasts on Twitch, she also streams a variety of games. Mostly, she interacts with American online viewers.

Aside from her virtual streams, Veibae has a career as a model. As an anime model, she uses technology to create an avatar for her streams. This avatar has been a hit with her fans.

Relationship status

Veibae is a rising virtual YouTuber who has a massive fanbase in Japan. She has over 900k followers on Twitch and a colossal fanbase on other social media channels.

Veibae’s relationship status has been the subject of debate among fans. Some believe she is dating Sodapoppipn while others think she is just playing an act.

According to Veibae’s Twitter account, she was born in Birmingham, England on December 10, 2006. Her mother is from Japan, and her father is from the United Kingdom. However, she is still coy about her real age.

Veibae is half British, half Polish, and has a unique accent. She has a black tail, pointed ears, and horns. As a streamer, she has a heavy memer personality.

In the past, Veibae has portrayed herself as a succubus avatar, but she has recently gone back to her original appearance. This was an enormous hit with fans.


The English-born Veibae is one of the world’s top streamers. Her average viewership and concurrent viewers are both impressive. In fact, she was one of the most popular Twitch streamers for a short time.

She also has a YouTube channel and a Twitter account. She is a social media star, with almost 1 million followers on both platforms. However, she has yet to receive any awards or nominations.

Aside from streaming, she has a successful merch business. On her YouTube channel, she posts highlights from her live streams. This has helped her earn a decent amount of money from subscribers.

She recently married Silvervale in a virtual ceremony. Although she has been in a relationship with Snuffy, she has also been dating Chance “Sodapoppin” since January 2022.