Things You Can Do When You Are Out Of Jail On A Bail


When you are arrested for a crime and you want to get out of jail, then someone on your behalf can get you out through bail bonds. A bail is a cash bond or a surety bond that you provide to the court ensuring that you will adhere to the conditions set by the court while your case is under investigation. You can get out of jail temporarily until the court makes the final decision about you being guilty or innocent. 

People get out of jail on bail every day. If this is your first time being arrested and then getting out of jail on bail, then here is everything you should know about your life for the moment. 

1. You Can Go To Your Job

Yes, you can work when you are out on bail. Many people assume that they have no means to earn their living when they are on a trial. However, this is not true. You can go back to your office if your employer allows. Many employers may allow people to get back to work if their crime is not extreme. However, if you have been charged with a vicious crime like murder or theft, your employer may ask you to leave. 

However, this should not stop you from working. You can find another job. Working is considered a positive thing in court as it shows that you are being a responsible and productive member of society. 

2. You Can Rent A House

No one can stop you from renting a house or an apartment if you are out on bail. When you are out of jail and your fate has not been decided by the court yet, you can live the same life you had before going to jail, of course with some limitations. However, renting a house is not included in those limitations. 

You can rent a house or apartment for yourself and your family. If you do not have enough finance to pay the early mortgage,  you can always apply for a bank statement mortgage that can help you find financial support for the time. 

3. You Can Not Travel to Long

Travelling out of the city or out of the country might be one of the limitations that you will have to face after getting out on bail. If you had travel plans before getting arrested, you might have to cancel them for now. 

The court may order the police to put your name on the Exit Control List (ECL) which may restrict you from crossing borders. 

4. You Have To Fulfill Bail Conditions 

You are bound to fulfil the conditions set by the court at the time of bail. These conditions vary from accused to accused. However, everyone is bound to follow court dates. You will have to appear before the court at every hearing

Failure to fulfil bail conditions may forfeit your bail and the court may order the police to arrest you again on a non-available.