How Many Views Do I Need To Earn A Living Off YouTube?

How Many Views Do I Need To Earn A Living Off YouTube?

Studies have shown that nowadays, several children in the age group of 8 to 12 aspire to be a YouTuber when they grow up; this is the hype of youtube nowadays. Various famous YouTubers make vast sums of money. But various people still work hard but are less successful than others. In these times, people wonder how many views I Need To Earn A Living Off YouTube.

Well, there is no clear explanation for that, but several combined affect the money any individual will make from youtube. Some of these factors are average rates, location, niche, etc. most of the research is based on a limited as many creators make no wish to reveal their income. To start making money, an individual must enroll in Youtube Partner Program (YPP). This enables you to earn revenue from the ads and gives you more features and resources YouTube offers. Some of these resources are Copyright Match Tool and access to the creator support team. 

Generally, the creators’ CPM (Cost per thousand) ranges between $4 to $24. These prices largely depend on the region and industry of the users. One should always understand that 1000 ad views differ from 1000 video views. Also, the advertisement money is split in half between both parties involved. One good practice always assumes that only half of the views will be considered for monetization. And according to that, about $5-7 is the price for 1000 views which is an average in all industries. It is also necessary to consider that these calculations are done on each video, and scaling the schedule of your video posting is also very important.

At the beginning of the channel’s growth, the revenue generated from ads may line up differently. Many people may not engage with the ads, some may only watch the short clips of the videos, and some may even stop watching it altogether after seeing an ad. This can be why your CPM drops from $1.2 to $8. The CPM can range from $120 to $800 per 1000,000 views. 

Well, a million views on a video is like a dream come true for every creator. Everyone wants to reach that outcome, and everyone knows that making videos will not be just a sidekick after reaching that milestone. Now you are an authentic influencer. Now you can easily monetize your audience in ways other than running ads. You can easily make a living from channel memberships, live streams from donations, selling online courses, and various sponsorships, all from influencer marketing.

It is expected that the CPM of any channel may fall below $1.2 after it becomes influential and prominent. Now you can easily make about $6 on every 1000 views. And for every million views, you can easily earn $1200 to $6000, which is more than enough for people to make a living out of youtube. And when you have videos with a million views constantly, you can quickly turn youtube into your full-time profession. To complete YPP program, you can buy YT watch hours which is very affordable..