The 4 Best Creating High Conversion PPC Landing Pages


You must improve the landing page to attract genuine buyers on the spot. The landing pages you create can be built up or make or break your business.

Like the concept of leaky buckets, poorly designed landing pages will not result in good conversions. Thus, it is necessary to alter the loopholes that are present in your landing page to guarantee greater conversion rates. It’s crucial to invest in the right way to achieve the desired results.

Microsite or Landing Page What is the best option?

If your product has a comprehensive informational product, you might require a more extensive landing page that has multiple copies that include a comprehensive description.

A lengthy sales page is great, but sometimes it irritates the customer, and they may not be interested in reading the whole thing.

If you’re making use of a long sales page, you should concentrate on these things for a higher conversion”

  • Installing a scroll map: The scroll map will help you understand how long users are scrolling to the end. In this manner, you can set the call-to-actions based on your requirements.
  • Interactive images: Today, content that contains interesting images is gaining recognition, while text content gets boring.
  • Integrating videos: using an explanation video is a fantastic method to draw the attention of users. They can now watch all the information, understanding the details of the features.

But, if you’re not sure if you are ready to go with an extensive sales page for your PPC campaign, you may go with a microsite. It’s an alternative that’s smaller in size aiding you in managing your campaign with ease.

The advantage of having micro pages is that it break up the pages, so the users won’t feel sluggish when they visit the website. It identifies the intended users through your campaign, and you will see potential buyers signaling an increased conversion.

Nowadays, you can find web-based builders who can make micro-sites with no code. You just need to find the right person to develop an ideal micro-site.

Installing CTA Button

It is a rule of thumb that you should place your CTA higher than the fold.

When you have placed your CTA button, you will receive more people visiting your website. This strategy is thus regarded as an excellent option to increase your website’s traffic.

The CTA button works well, however, it’s not the perfect answer for all landing pages.

Most often, customers who wish to purchase the item will click that CTA button. If you have an extensive product description, you could use the AIDA idea to create using the CTA button.

AIDA includes four elements:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

It assists your customers to understand the product description and to complete the desired actions, like buying the product or adding it to your list. By doing this they will be more interested in your products. This means you can boost your sales quickly.

For example: Market studies see a 20 percent increase in conversion rate following the repositioning of the CTA button that is performed beginning at the beginning of the page until the very end.

The lesson learned about using an extended landing page there is no need to put the CTA button on the top of the fold. Test A/B to determine the most effective button’s placement.

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Collect Emails of Visitors Entering the First Time

95% of users don’t return after they leave your website.

Customers usually don’t purchase one at first. At the very least, they go to 3-4 times before buying the item.

Therefore, it’s essential to note the email addresses of first-time visitors. With these email addresses, you can create personalized emails to them, building the foundation of a positive connection.

It is important to manage your emails correctly so that you can send them updates in the future to make them feel enthused.

Now is the time to set up distinct groups based on geographical area, on-site behavior and so on that will allow you to create personalized emails shortly. The next step is to examine the personalized and untargeted emails to encourage more conversion.

The lesson learned: Once you have identified those who are first-time visitors to your website, don’t forget to keep their email addresses to establish bonds of trust.

Gain Trust Encouraging Purchase Decision

After all your efforts, some issues limit your prospective customers from making purchases through your website.

Trust is among the main reasons for the problems. Below are the main elements that will help you build confidence:

  • Let the truth be known: Help them understand that you will not send them spam and you will never sell their email addresses.
  • SSL certificate: Now you can include to your website an SSL certificate to ensure your website is safe. You should ensure that you have access to your credit card number and that it’s safe for you to make use of the landing pages.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials in HTML0: You must be aware of how your clients feel about your services and products. It’s a good idea to place testimonials in the vicinity of the CTA button.
  • Reassurance Copy: Click trigger’ prompts your users to click the button. For instance, if you run an online shop, you can build trust by the incentive for them to purchase on your website.

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