Gums Lightening

Gums Lightening
Gums Lightening

Gums Lightening Using the latest technology and advanced procedures, we now offer an FDA Cleared procedure called “Gum Lightening.” With less pain, no downtime, and results that last a lifetime, Gum Lightening is here to change your smile!


Glytone Gum Lightening was the first product available to safely and effectively remove dark-colored stains and pigmentation on your gums. And unlike traditional bleaching, Glytone is non-invasive and fast-acting. It’s safe for sensitive teeth and gums, and leaves you with a healthy, bright white smile.”

Gum lightening is a safe, effective, and non-invasive method used by dermatologists and cosmetic dentists to break down pigment-producing cells of the oral mucosa. This unique process of laser-assisted gum lightening uses high-energy pulsed dye laser technology to target specific areas of the gums without damaging surrounding tissue.

Our Services:

Gum bleaching is the most effective way to permanently lighten your gums and teeth. We use lasers that only use heat and pressure and are safe, painless, and non-invasive. Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes per tooth or mouth.

Our Gum Lightening Gum Bleaching Pack is a brand-new method of removing unwanted pigment-causing melanin from your gumline through a unique blend of products. The process uses an advanced light therapy system and an advanced compound called Caffeic Acid Phenylethyl ester that represents the next generation in gum bleaching technology. This revolutionary method completely destroys all of the melanin in your gums to result in lighter, whiter teeth in just two weeks.

Gum Lightening Gum Bleaching is a non-surgical, natural way to whiten and brighten your smile.

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Don’t let your teeth turn a darker shade of brown. Get rid of the ugly dark spots on your teeth with Gum Lightening. The dentist will apply a professional bleaching gel on your gums and teeth, which can be removed in 24 hours with no side effects.

For a healthier appearance and whiter teeth, Gum Lightning gum is a great addition. This Bluemarine product will lighten your teeth in minutes. Our formula is safe and easy to use, ensuring you can have the smile you have always dreamed of without pain, needles, or messy chemicals.