Free tablets for retirees as well as social benefits: The Government has changed a major requirement to qualify for them. How do you join?


The program that aims to bridge the digital divide has modified rules for people who wish to use the free government tablet.

The National Communications Entity (Enacom) has a specific program to decrease the digital divide that exists in one of the sectors that are most at risk. The goal of this program is to provide and encourage access to the latest technologies in information.

It is called part of the Connected by You programme, and it was developed with the intention of distributing 140,000 digital devices in the period between April of 2021 and April 2020 (2023). While initially, that was the amount that was set however, it is possible that the tables that will be distributed increase by 35%..


The people who wish to avail the benefits of the tablet for free are required to declare income of lower than the two minimum Essential and Mobile Salaries (SMVM) .


The minimum income requirements to be eligible to the program were lowered by the latest increment in minimum wages. It will now be $57,900 by November . Beginning in September the new cap on salary will be $102,400, $109,100 in October, and $115,800 for the previous increase in the minimum wage in November.

One of the main conditions is that they are recipients in the Pregnancy Allowance and that they are eligible for pensions or retirement or pensions, and are monotributista and get scholarships from The Progresar or Conexion Igualdad program and are covered by a social security plan.

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Additionally, those in a dependency relation as well as those who are in a jobless state or have job in the public sector or young people aged between the ages of 15 and 25 old who perform certain of the tasks mentioned in the programme, could ask for tables at no cost .

Individuals who are registered with Popular Neighbourhoods , registered Volunteer Firefighters associations, public welfare organisations and other entities that are registered with the National Centre of Community Organisations can also apply for benefits.

When the devices are delivered

Enacom will distribute the devices through various agreements signed with provincial governments and civil associations, municipal and community networks, as well as with other entities. Each institution must first submit a detailed order for the quantity of tablets required.

Once the units have been registered, they will be delivered in accordance with the stock available. Furthermore , Enacom requests that the recipients sign an adhesion agreement.

On the other hand participants within the Connect Equality program can avail the benefits by contacting the National Ministry of Education.

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