The Top Digital Marketing Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

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Do you want to establish your name in the field of digital marketing but aren’t sure where to begin?

Guest blogging is a great method of gaining recognition. There’s also no shortage of online marketing blogs that specialize in whatever topic you’re keen on.

If you’re producing high-quality content, the chances of becoming an author published are good.

In the same way, newbies who blog as guest bloggers don’t always know where to place their ideas.

If you’re among these, here’s a list of the best digital marketing websites that accept guest blog posts. Before we begin let’s determine the best way to write an effective pitch.

Tips to Make Your Pitches Truly Repelling

You may think that you have everything you need to impress the editor. However, editors receive a plethora of similar requests to yours every day.

Don’t want your message to be discarded in the Trash folder.

What you require to be noticed is a great pitch. Here are a few suggestions for creating a pitch.

Personalize at all Possible Niveaus

The name of the recipient is likely to be the first thought that comes to mind. But, you must be more than contact the editor directly.

Before submitting your pitch, ensure you’ve got the correct contacts. Even if you receive the email address of the editor straight from the website of your blog’s site I recommend checking it over on LinkedIn.

When we talk about LinkedIn While you’re browsing the account of the editor, you can look at their activities Check out their latest posts, and learn more about their areas of interest.

Find out how you can tailor your pitch to the individual.

Do your Homework

Editors are flooded with guest posts every day. A lot of them are not even in the wild they’re not relevant or too vague.

It is essential to conduct some research and look deeper into the blog to discover an interesting topic that will grab the editor’s interest.

Begin by reading through the guidelines and selecting topics that are interspersed with the blog’s latest articles. While you’re there be sure to check if your knowledge matches the requirements of the blog.

Another fantastic trick is an analysis of content gaps to the absence of content or holes in the blog’s arsenal.

You can do a quick content gap analysis via Ahrefs. Find out the competition of the site you wish to contribute to, browse, and then compare the keywords that they all rank for.

Next, pick the terms that competitors are ranked for, but the blog doesn’t. Then, submit related subjects to the Editor.

Utilize the findings of this study to craft an even more persuasive pitch giving the editor a specific explanation of what you will contribute and how it will improve their blog.

Always include a few different topics

The best general rule of thumb is to provide at minimum two or three topics that are related to the topic of the blog. By doing this, you will demonstrate that you’ve done some research and increase the odds that editors will choose your proposal from the plethora of other applicants.

Be sure to ask the editor for suggestions for topics, too. No one is more knowledgeable about the blog than you.

Attach Your Portfolio

Let the editor know what you have to offer the table by providing your portfolio link or at the very least, some relevant examples that show your skills.

Likely, you’re only beginning your journey into copywriting but you don’t have a record of guest blog posts that you have published to display.

If that’s your situation, you should consider starting an attempt at a personal blog. It’s an excellent way to increase your writing skills and showcase your knowledge.

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How can I best Get in touch with an Editor?

Begin by commenting on, liking their posts, and sharing them with your friends and family. Keep your eyes on the topics they write about – it’ll provide you with a clue as to what editors might want from you.

If you’re not sure where to find an editor to join you can look through social media. For example, you can be a part of B2B Bloggers Boost, the B2B Bloggers Boost Group on Facebook.

Blogs that Accept Guest Posts about Digital Marketing

Which are the best digital marketing blogs that accept guest blog posts?

This is where you’ll find out about the purpose of these blogs, the subjects they cover, and instructions to adhere to if looking to write for these blogs.

1. Woorise

What They Want

They’re looking for articles that cover the most innovative and practical aspects of lead generation as well as digital marketing.


Review their previous posts to ensure that you don’t pitch topics that have already been published. Be sure to follow their guidelines to avoid being rejected and wasting your time.

2. OnCrawl

What They Want

The bloggers discuss technical SEO issues like crawl budgets and speed optimization. If you have a knowledge or two about technical SEO it’s a great location to pitch your blog.


Rebecca Barbel will be the ideal person to discuss the possibility of a guest post. Find out more about these guidelines.

3. SingleGrain

What They Want

SingleGrain is among the top choices if you’re interested in writing about the following subjects:

  • Search engine optimization and marketing via search engines.
  • PPC advertising.
  • Paid social advertisements as well as social media advertising.
  • Content marketing.
  • Conversion optimization and sales funnel.
  • Amazon advertising.
  • E-commerce.

The company’s blog also includes lots of comparisons and against. tools articles and professional round-ups.


You can learn more about the guidelines for writing on SingleGrain’s website here.

4. VentureBeat

What They Want

VentureBeat accepts pitches as well as full drafts on trends, news, and the latest technologies. Try to write between 600 and 1,200 words when submitting your draft.

While their guest post guidelines say that they’re mostly seeking stories related to data technology and strategy, however, there are categories on media and marketing on their site.


You’ll hear back from us within up to 3 business days if the pitch is approved. If it isn’t, you’ll need to try a different pitch.

5. MarketingProfs

What They Want

MarketingProfs welcomes guest articles on B2B marketing for enterprises. The posts should contain between 800 and 1,000 words and not exceed 1,200 words.

Posts must be submitted in Microsoft Word document attachments, not PDF or Google Docs. Expect to hear from us within one or two weeks when your post has been accepted.


Although you’ll get a response sooner, the wait usually runs from between three and four months Don’t send content that you’d like to publish promptly.

6. Business Community

What They Want

Business 2 Community is a fan of things that are considered newsworthy. For example, your thoughts on a brand new Twitter option or change in Facebook ads.


Check out the guidelines for guest posts on the website here.

They will always request that prospective clients provide previous examples of your work. So ensure you have an example portfolio.

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