4 Benefits of Using Access Mats for Construction Purposes

Access Mats

Access mats are made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and are durable and more resistant than other forms of plastic or plywood sheets. That’s why they are used in multiple industries for several purposes. 

One of their uses is in the construction industry where these mats are used as alternatives to roads because of their property to provide ease of transportation to construction vehicles and equipment. They also provide better support to heavy equipment and thus prevent damage. 

Along with these properties, there are also 4 more benefits of access mentioned below. 

1. They Prove to be Cost Effective

Construction contractors often build temporary roads to ensure the smooth flow of construction equipment to the site. When you opt for using access mats during construction projects, you won’t have to build roads and thus you can save a lot of money that will be spent otherwise. 

Access mats provide the same level of sturdiness and safety when used as temporary roads on construction sites. As they are made from thick plastic, they are lightweight and provide traction in areas that are saggy. 

2. They Protect the Land

Heavy equipment used during construction can damage the land and can tear up the surface. Access mats on the other hand protect the soil from being teared up by heavy construction equipment and protect the land against the wear and tear caused by vehicles and other machinery. 

If you are constructing a project on sensitive soil, make sure to install access mats to protect the land from any harm. When the heavy equipment is placed on access mats, they evenly distribute the weight across the surface and thus the land is protected from huge ruts. 

3. They can Protect the Equipment

Not only are these an excellent way to save up some costs and protect the soil, but access mats can also protect the construction equipment from potential damage. During construction, the soil is usually wet, and operating the construction equipment on this soil can result in the equipment being bogged down in the soil. 

This, in turn, can take a lot of hard work to free the machinery. Additionally, wet soil can promote corrosion in the machinery, which makes it harmful to general operations. 

Using access mats will ensure the smooth operation of construction equipment and will make it easy to use machinery in places where it couldn’t go without mats. 

4. They are Easy to Clean and Stack

Access mats are extremely easy to clean and stack. Once you have used access mats in a construction project, you can recover them, clean them, and can save them for future usage. This will allow you to save costs on building new roads for each project you take on. 

Also, these mats can be easy to stack in case you need to store them for future use. This way, you can use these mats multiple times without worrying about them wearing out quickly. 

Overall, access mats can be an effective alternative to temporary roads and wooden materials because of the benefits they provide at an economical cost.